AgustaWestland AW109E Power
italy INAER Italia

Del'd: 5 - 2000 to present

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    11121 2001     I-MAFP: Inaer Italia from 2010
Helitalia SpA I-MAFP: Helitalia from 2001, lsd from Bristow

    11124 2001     I-ESUE: operating on behalf of 118 Regione Sicilia
Elilario Italia I-ESUE: Elilario Italia,operating for Padova Soccorso HEMS 118 +

INAER EC-LGI: Inaer Spain
    11619     I-NIGI: Inaer Italia 2009-2011
    EC-MAE: INAER from Feb14
Elilario Italia I-NIGI: Elilario Nov04-2009; EMS Regione Sicilia

INAER France F-HCHM: INAER France Sep11-Feb14
    11625 2005     I-HDPR: INAER 2009-2010; Air ambulance for Ministerio da Saude, Port+
Helitalia SpA I-HDPR: Helitalia

Helicopter Travel Munich I-HDPR: HTM 2005

INAER Portugal CS-HHE: INAER 2010

Babcock MCS Portugal, air ambulance for INEM; 03aug17 +
4 C/N.