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Rico Aviation Adds Air Methods Bell 407, 17-Jul-17 : Rico Aviation, a Texas fixed-wing air ambulance operator, announced its partnership with Air Methods with a new Bell 407 helicopter

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    54024 2010     N105AM: Air Methods from Oct11; PNC Bank NA Trustee at Pittsburgh, P+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GHBP: Bell Canada Jul/Nov 2010, test serial C-GLZA

Bell Helicopter N105AM: Bell Dec10-Oct11

State of Alabama N105AM: LifeSaver, op by Omniflight Helicopters/Air Methods 3+
    54013 2010     N119AM: Air Methods Aug11-Feb12
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GFQF: Bell Canada May/Oct 2010, test serial C-GAJN

Bell Helicopter N428PX: Bell Nov010-Jul11

State of Utah N410UH: Fifth Third Equipment Finance Co at Cincinnati, OH from+
    54045 2010     N124AM: Air Methods from Jul11
Bell Helicopter N124AM: Bell Dec10, test serial C-GADL

LifeNet Inc N124AM: Mar15 backup a/c at LifeNet, Inc
    54038 2010     N160AM: Air Methods from Aug11
Bell Helicopter N938RL: Bell Oct10, test serial C-GAHJ

State of Idaho N160AM: Air Idaho Rescue /Air1, noted May16, op by Air Methods
    54047     N189AM: Air Methods from Jan12
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZA: Bell Canada

Bell Helicopter N404MZ: Bell Helicopter, Dec10

Life Flight N189AM: Wyoming LifeFlight, op by Air Methods
    54610 407gx 2015     N248AM: Air Methods Dec15
State of Arkansas N620PA: Pafford EMS, op by Air Methods; w/o 19nov17 near DeWitt+
    54617 407gxp 2015     N293AM: Air Methods from Apr16, test serial C-FKVQ
    54587 407gxp 2015     N372AM: Air Methods d/d 15jan16
Bell Helicopter N538CB: Bell Helicopters Mar15
    53819 2008     N374AL: Air Methods from Jun13
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FSXT: Bell Canada Jan/Mar 2008, test serial C-GFNQ

- N374AL: Zions Credit Corp at Salt Lake City, UT from May08

Air Life Denver 2011, op by Air Methods
    54492 407gx 2014     N398AM: Air Methods from Jul14
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GZMF: Bell Canada Mar14

Bell Helicopter N398AM: Bell Mar/Jun 2014
    53208 1997     N401LL: Air Methods from Mar09
- D-HBAP: Egle Air Service, Baden-Airpark, Germany Dec97, test se+

- G-EJTT: Air Deluxe Ltd Jul00-Nov01

Bell Helicopter N10659: Bell Helicopter Nov01-Jan02

- VH-IPX: Australia, noted Mar02

- VH-IPG: to VH-CKJ, noted Jun02-Nov05

- VH-CKJ: noted Nov08

Life Flight N401LL: Life Link III

State of Georgia N401LL: LifeStar Georgia Air Ambulance; Sep17 pictured at North+
    53360 1999     N405LL: Air Methods from Aug13
Bell Helicopter N6298N: Bell Helicopter

- N911WN: Vesey Air Llc at Danbuty, CT

State of Nebraska N911WN: Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Service+

cfs air llc N405LL: Cfs Air from Sep06

Life Flight N405LL: Life Link III, noted jun14
    53279 1998     N406LL: Air Methods from Nov07
- N365CH: ex N407HH, N407LR

- N201LN: to N407CX

- N407CX: to N406LL

Life Flight N406LL: Life Link III

- N820SF: San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Nov14-Oct15

Survival Flight N820SF: N820SF Llc at Mesa, AZ from Oct15; Survival Flight Inc;+
    53309 1998     N407AM: Air Methods Corp
Haiti Air Ambulance N407AM: Haiti Air Ambulance, Apr14 Op by Air Methods
    53561 2003     N407LL: Air Methods Feb13-Dec14
- N386T: test serial C-GFNM

- N407LL: FCC Equipment Financing Inc at Jacksonville, FL

Caterpillar Financing Services Corp at Jacksonville, FL+

Life Flight N407LL: Life Link III

- N407LL: San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE from Dec14-Feb1+

Survival Flight N749SF: N749SF Llc at Mesa, AZ from Oct15; Survival Flight; Jan+
    53892     N407TX: Air Methods Corp from Apr09
State of Texas N407TX: San Antonio AirLIFE, noted Jan09
    53445 2000     N408AM: Air Methods, noted 2003
Bell Helicopter N61002: Bell Helicopter, test serial C-GBUB

- N408AM: Jpmorgan Chase Bank from Jun11

Haiti Air Ambulance N408AM: Haiti Air Ambulance from 13mar14. Op by Air Methods
    54433 407gx 2013     N408LN: Air Methods from Nov13
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GWUX: Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2013, test serial C-FOFE

Bell Helicopter N394AM: Bell Aug/Oct 2013

LifeNet Inc N408LN: LifeNet, Inc, op by Air Methods
    53422 2000     N470RA: Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO from Mar17
- N407SJ: Bell, to N409UH

State of Colorado N409UH: Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Oct00-Mar1+

State of Texas N470RA: Rico Aviation at Amarillo, TX from Ju17, op by Air Meth+
    54649 407gxp 2015     N901NM: Air Methods from Dec16
Bell Helicopter N463AM: Bell Nov15

State of Mississippi N901NM: North Mississippi Medical Center, CareFlight from Dec16+
    53719 2006     N911CN: Air Methods from Mar14
Life Flight N407LF: Lifeflight, to N911KX

State of Iowa N911KX: Mercy One at Knoxville, Iowa 2009

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