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    brazil Helibras

    2014 to present

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    Ecuadorian Army Receives Helibras AS350B3e / H125, 25-Jan-18 : Mexican Airbus branch delivered a new AS350B3e / H125 customized by Helibras (Brazilian Airbus subsidiary) to the Army of Ecuador. A second one expected for this year. H215 and H145 offered.

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    7877 as350b2     PP-SAU: Helibras HB350B2
    Brazilian Military Police PP-SAU: Policia Militar de Sao Paulo (PMSP) Feb18
    7914 h125     PP-SAV: Helibras
    Brazilian Civil Police PP-SAV: Polícia Civil de Minas Gerais (PCMG); Bombeiros ( fire+
    7977 h125     PR-HDK: Helibras
    National Police of Ecuador PNE-146: Policia Ecuador from Jan17
    7884 h125     PR-HTF: Helibras HB350B3e; PR-EIH ntu
    7832 h125     PR-HVL: Helibras HB350B3e, PR-PEN ntu; PR-HVL ntu; PR-PCR ntu
    Ecuadorian Army AEE-325: Ejercito d/d 22jan18 at Brigada de Aviación del Ejér+
    7839 h125     PR-OJM: Helibras HB350B3e
    7847 as350b2     PR-WNP: Helibras HB350B2
    8888 h125 2020     PS-GVT: Helibras Gaviota for Chilean Navy
    Chilean Navy 21: Armada HU-1 d/d dec20, pictured
    7909 h125     PT-SUS: Helibras; PR-DXO ntu
    Brazilian Civil Police PT-SUS: Polícia Civil de Minas Gerais (PCMG); Bombeiros ( fire+