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  • AgustaWestland AW189
    united kingdom AgustaWestland UK

    2014 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    89001 2014     G-MCGM: AgustaWestland UK Nov14-Jan15, test serial I-EASN
    Bristow G-MCGM: Bristow Helicopters from 19jan15

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGM: HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; pictured (pic1) at Norwi+

    16apr15 low level flight thru Snowdonia

    pictured (pic2) at Norwich

    Nov18 as /Coastguard 199 at Prestwick

    new asg at Inverness Sector

    /Rescue151 pictured (pic3) at the Aberdeen Royal Infir+
    92001 2014     G-MCGN: AgustaWestland Dec14-Apr15
    Bristow G-MCGN: Bristow Helicopters Apr15-Nov16, for Coast Guard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGN: HM Coast Guard Apr15-Nov16, op by Bristow; 28apr15 pict+

    Bristow G-CJNV: Bristow Nov16-Dec17, new white livery; pictured (pic+

    06Aug17 Info - to transfer to G-MCGN at end of 2017

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGN: Bristow from Dec17

    12jan18 Departed Aberdeen for Lee-on-Solent EGHF

    asg Lydd Airport

    21:47 hs overhead Cairngorms National Park Alt 2100
    92002 2014     G-MCGO: AgustaWestland from Mar15
    Bristow G-MCGO: Bristow for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGO: HM CoastGuard from Jan17 at Solent District

    15:38 hs at 400ft above river Itchen, Southampton

    16:30 hs used in 2 rescues within 2 hours at Durdle Doo+

    pictured (pic1) on Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team visi+

    pictured (pic2) at Greenwich Ship Tier aboard RFA Lyme+

    pictured (pic3) visiting HMS Blazer (P279, Archer cla+

    pictured (pic4) near Chichester
    92003 2014     G-MCGP: AgustaWestland from Mar15
    Bristow G-MCGP: Bristow d/d at Norwich

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGP: atMOD St Athan, South Wales

    17jul17 22:30hs landed Homefield park Worthing, West Su+

    05oct17 17:10hs flew South over Guisborough

    Participated in Vlissingen Rescue show, Netherlands

    Nov18 as /Coastguard /175 at Lee on Solent

    16:30hs at Southampton General Hospital

    asg St Athan in exercise with NPAS G-NWOI

    Jun19 asg Lydd

    as /Rescue175 pictured (pic1) at homebase at Lee on So+

    Scotland as /CG151

    16dec19 asg ? pictured (pic2) with the Hillhead Coastgu+
    92004 2014     G-MCGR: AgustaWestland Mar15-Dec16
    Bristow G-MCGR: Bristow from Dec16, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGR: HM CoastGuard from at Prestwick

    12jul17 asg Prestwick pictured (pic2) in first rescue m+

    as /Rescue199 at Prestwick
    92005 2014     G-MCGS: AgustaWestland Mar15-Sep16
    Bristow G-MCGS: Bristow from Sep16, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGS: HM CoastGuard from Jan17 at Solent District

    pictured (pic1) at the old HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent +

    as /Coastguard 175 Solent

    rescued glider pilot stuck in trees in Sussex

    as Solent /Rescue175 pictured (pic2) at St Mary's Hospi+

    Lee-on-solent as /CG175

    Portland, England

    Intercepting crude oil tanker Nave Andromeda after secu+
    92006 2014     G-MCGT: AgustaWestland Mar15-Feb17
    Bristow G-MCGT: Bristow from Feb17, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGT: HM CoastGuard from at Prestwick

    09may17 pictured at Fort William, Scotland

    as /Coastguard 199 at Prestwick

    as /Rescue199 at Prestwick

    20sep19 at Jennings Park, Newry, Northern Ireland

    92007 2014     G-MCGU: Leonardo MW Ltd Mar17-Feb18
    Bristow G-MCGU: Bristow from Feb18, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGU: HM Coastguard Feb18, op by Bristow

    20sep18 09:45 hs exercise off the Kent coast between Fo+

    Nov18 as /Coastguard 163 at Lydd

    as /Coastguard 163 Southbound from Lippitt's Hill over+

    pictured (pic1) RIAT 2019

    post maintenance pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen airport, S+

    St Athan as /CG187
    92008 2014     G-MCGV: Leonardo MW Ltd Mar17-Feb18
    Bristow G-MCGV: Bristow from Feb18, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGV: HM Coastguard Feb18, op by Bristow

    as /Coastguard 163 at Lydd

    Flying from Lydd airport, passing Sidcup, over Greenwic+

    pictured landed at Eastbourne Hospital after incident a+
    92009 2018     G-MCGW: Leonardo MW Ltd Jan/May 2018
    Bristow G-MCGW: Bristow from May18, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGW: HM Coastguard May18, op by Bristow

    Feb19 at St Athan

    30jul19 River Medway

    pictured (pic1) as Solent SAR

    92010 2018     G-MCGX: Leonardo MW Ltd Jan/Aug 2018
    Bristow G-MCGX: Bristow from Aug18, for Coastguard

    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGX: HM Coastguard Aug18, op by Bristow

    Aug18 as /Coastguard 175 video in SAR training with RN+

    04nov18 landed at Papworth

    as /CoastGuard187 at St Athan

    as /Rescue187 pictured recovering a stranded person fr+
    49005 2013     I-AWTG: AgustaWestland UK Oct 2014, based at Yeovil still in Bristow+
        I-PTFF: pictured (pic1) in Bristow colours at London Helitech 2013
    AgustaWestland Italy I-PTFF: AgustaWestland P5 prototype 2013

    Bristow I-PTFF: Jul13 AgustaWestland pre-production aircraft used for t+

    AgustaWestland Italy I-PTFF: AgustaWestland Italy; at AgustaWestland; conv UKSAR

    GBAS approaches trials at Zurich Airport, Switzerland

    supporting gov during Coronavirus outbreak

    Callsign LEONAR01