Eurocopter EC135
japan SACC

Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation

1998 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

0703 ec135p2+ 2008     JA06TV: Shizuoka Air Commuter from Oct08
Eurocopter Japan JA06TV: Itochu Corp Aug/Oct 2008, test serial D-HECK
0496 ec135t2 2006     JA135H: SACC from Apr13
Eurocopter Japan JA135H: Yuroheri Sep06-Apr09; 31 pictured at Kumamoto during de+

Eurocopter Japan Apr09-Apr13; Oct12 displayed at Japan +
0038 ec135p1 1998     JA135P: Shizuoka Air Commuter Corp SAAC from Mar98