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  • Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2
    united kingdom CHC Scotia

    2000 to 2013

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6088 sa365n 1983     G-BKXD: CHC Scotia 1999-Apr13; wfu
    Bond Aviation Group G-BKXD: Bond helicopters from Sep83, test serial F-WMHD
    6101 sa365n 1985     G-BLUM: CHC Scotia 2000-Mar11
    Bond Aviation Group G-BLUM: Bond Helicopters Ltd Jan85-1999

    - G-BLUM: Apr15 scrapped by Tradewind International at Janesvill+
    6114 sa365n 1984     G-BLUN: CHC Scotia from 1995; w/o 27dic06 crashed into the sea near+
    Bond Aviation Group G-BLUN: Bond Helicopters Jan85-Oct92

    Schreiner Airways PH-SSS: Schreiner Oct92-Dec94
    6392 sa365n2 1990     G-BTEU: CHC Scotia 2000-Jul12
    Bond Aviation Group G-BTEU: Bond Helicopters Feb91-1999, in red livery; visit DeK+

    Multiflight Ltd G-BTEU: Multiflight Ltd from Jul12

    de-reg 11 Jun 2015. To Yeadon.

    - G-BTEU: to Craven College Aviation Academy as GI by Oct 2015
    6301 sa365n1 1989     G-BVME: CHC Scotia Jul10-Sep13
    Aerospatiale F-WKAY: Aerospatiale, test serial F-WYML

    McAlpine Helicopters G-BVME: McAlpine May/Jun 1994

    McAlpine Mar/Oct 1995

    Brintel Helicopters G-BVME: Brintel Jun94-Mar95

    - F-WIPI: France, conv to SA365N2, to F-WQEZ

    - LN-OMJ: Norway, to TF-EIR

    Canadian Helicopter Corporatio TF-EIR: Icelandic Coast Guard, noted Jan07-Oct08

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GRWV: CHC Oct13-Mar17; wfu

    State of Nevada C-GRWV: Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects from 2016, non flya+