Bell 205 in chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile

Chilean Air Force

Del'd: 33 - 1966 to present

  • Fuerza Aerea de Chile 205
  • Fuerza Aerea de Chile 205UH-1H with United Nations MINUSTAH in Haiti
  • Fuerza Aerea de Chile 205

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Texas National Guard MedEvac Exercise in Chile, 26-Apr-16 : The Texas Air National Guard C-130H2 Hercules deployed to Chile for FIDAE participated in a medical air-evacuation exercise with a Chilean Air Force UH-1H Huey after the expo


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2004/17HaitiHT Port-Au-Prince
1993/    Grupo de Aviacion 9 Los Cerrillos
1982/    Grupo de Aviacion 2Los Cerrillos
Diego Aracena
1981/    Grupo de Aviacion 6 Carlos Ibañez del Campo
1966/    Grupo de Aviacion 5 Puerto Montt

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    11400 uh-1h     ?: fach ex Ejercito 183
Chilean Army 183: Ejercito, BuNo 69-15112 d/d 1972, to Fach
    8914 uh-1d     H-75: fach; BuNo 66-16720; conv UH-1H; Haiti as MINUSTAH UN129
    uh-1d     H-75: fach d/d 1966; w/o nov98 Iraq
    uh-1d     H-76: fach d/d 1966; wfu unk
    5593 uh-1d     H-76: fach d/d 1993; BuNo 66-01110
    uh-1d     H-77: fach d/d 1966; wfu unk
    uh-1h     H-77: fach d/d 1993
    uh-1d     H-78: fach d/d 1993; w/o nov98 Iraq
    8654 uh-1d     H-78: fach d/d unk; BuNo 66-16460; conv UH-1H; Haiti as MINUSTAH U+
    uh-1d     H-79: fach d/d 1966; wfu unk
    9432 uh-1h     H-79: fach d/d 1993; BuNo 67-17234; w/o nov98 Iraq
    9161 uh-1d     H-79: fach d/d 2006, ex 66-16967; Haiti as MINUSTAH UN131
US Army Aviation 66-16967: US Army, conv to UH-1H
    9521 uh-1h     H-80: fach d/d 1978; BuNo 67-17323; w/o 19-20oct97
    uh-1d     H-80: fach d/d 1966; w/o 06nov71
    uh-1h     H-80: fach d/d 2006; Grupo 9
    10065 uh-1h     H-81: fach d/d 1967; probably 67-18562?
    10064 uh-1h     H-82: fach d/d 1967; 67-18561; w/o nov98 Iraq
    uh-1h     H-82: fach d/d 2007, BuNo unk
    10063 uh-1h     H-83: fach d/d 1967; BuNo 67-18560
    10066 uh-1h     H-84: fach d/d 1967; BuNo 67-18563
    10219 uh-1h     H-85: fach d/d 1968; BuNo 68-15289
    11176 uh-1h     H-86: fach d/d 1968; BuNo 68-16517; w/o 03oct84
    11177 uh-1h     H-87: fach d/d 1968; BuNo 68-16518
    11264 uh-1h     H-88: w/o 18jan80, removed from operation due to the damages
    11265 uh-1h     H-89: fach d/d 1968; BuNo 68-16606
    11266 uh-1h     H-90: Apr00 pictured (top) at FIDAE 2000
    11465 uh-1h     H-91: fach d/d 1969; BuNo 69-15177; w/o 21nov85
    11464 uh-1h     H-92: fach d/d unk; BuNo 69-15176
    uh-1h     H-93: fach d/d 1993; wfu
    8847 uh-1d     H-93: fach d/d 2010; BuNo 66-16653; conv UH-1H; Grupo 9
    uh-1h     H-94: fach d/d 1993
    5309 uh-1d     H-95: fach spares?; BuNo 66-0826
    11398 uh-1h     H-95: fach d/d 1993, ex Ejercito 181, w/o 03may03
Chilean Army 181: Ejercito, BuNo 69-15110 d/d 1972, to Fach
    uh-1h     H-96: fach d/d 1993; Haiti as MINUSTAH UN132

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