McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache
greece Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou

Hellenic Army Aviation

Del'd: 20 - 1995 to present

Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou AH-64A Apache

Upgraded to AH-64A+ standard. An additional order for Longbow Apaches was placed in 2003

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1995/    1 TEEP Stefanovikio

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    PV875     ES1001: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 92-0486; 05feb09 AH-64A+ ty+
    PV877     ES1002: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 92-0487; 17may11 AH-64A+ ty+
    PV878     ES1003: FMS BuNo 92-0488
    PV879     ES1004: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 92-0489; 17may11 AH-64A+ ty+
    PV880     ES1005: FMS BuNo 92-0490; 24apr10 AH-64Aplus type pictured at Kalama+
    PV881     ES1006: FMS BuNo 92-0491
    PV882     ES1007: FMS BuNo 92-0492
    PV883     ES1008: FMS BuNo 92-0493
    PV884     ES1009: FMS BuNo 92-0494
    PV885     ES1010: FMS BuNo 92-0495
    PV886     ES1011: FMS BuNo 92-0496
    PV887     ES1012: FMS BuNo 92-0497
    PV888     ES1013: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 90-0536; 05feb09 AH-64A+ ty+
    PV889     ES1014: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 90-0537; 18sep05 pictured (top) at A+
    PV890     ES1015: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 91-0110; 2007 pictured with+
    PV891     ES1016: FMS BuNo 91-0111
    PV892     ES1017: Hellenic Army; FMS BuNo 92-0478; 30nov10 AH-64A+ type with 1+
    PV893     ES1018: FMS BuNo 92-0479
    PV894     ES1019: FMS BuNo 92-0480
    PV895     ES1020: FMS BuNo 92-0481

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