Eurocopter EC135
france Gendarmerie Nationale

French National Gendarmerie

2009 to present

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2010/    SAG Metz Metz (BA128)
2009/    Gendarmerie de l'Air Cazaux (BA120)
2009/    SAG Lyon Bron

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0642 ec135t2+ 2008     F-MJDA: Gendarmerie /JDA
    0654 ec135t2+ 2008     F-MJDB: Gendarmerie /JDB; 14jul10 Flew in parade quatorze juillet 20+
    0717 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDC: Gendarmerie /JDC, ex D-HECW
Eurocopter Germany D-HECW: Eurocopter, to F-MJDC
    0727 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDD: Gendarmerie /JDD; 14Jul11 Flew in parade quatorze juillet 20+
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSE: Eurocopter toward F-MJDD
    0747 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDE: Gendarmerie /JDE; 26jun11 pictured as H27 on static display +
    0757 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDF: Gendarmerie /JDF
    0772 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDG: Gendarmerie /JDG
    0787 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDH: Gendarmerie /JDH
    0797 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDI: Gendarmerie /JDI; 2011 DAG Metz
Eurocopter Germany D-HECZ: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-MJDI
    0806 ec135t2+ 2009     F-MJDJ: DAG Colmar
    0857 ec135t2+ 2010     F-MJDK: Gendarmerie /JDK
    0867 ec135t2+ 2010     F-MJDL: Gendarmerie /JDL; 14jul10 Flew in parade quatorze juillet 20+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECG: Eurocopter toward F-MJDL
    1055 ec135t2+ 2013     F-MJDM: Gendarmerie /JDM, test serial D-HCBN; 26may13 pictured (pic1+
    1058 ec135t2+     F-MJDN: Gendarmerie /JDN
    1086 ec135t2+     F-MJDO: Gendarmerie /JDO, noted 2013

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