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  • Agusta AB47
    italy Vigili del Fuoco

    Italian Firefighters

    Del'd: 15 - 1954 to ??

    Vigili del Fuoco AB47

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1980/??Nucleo Elicotteri Sassari (CNVF) Aeroporto di Alghero
    1972/??Nucleo Elicotteri Sassari (CNVF)
    1970/??Nucleo Elicotteri Arezzo (CNVF)
    1968/??Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (CNVF)
    1968/??Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF)
    1958/??Nucleo Elicotteri Trento (CNVF)
    1955/??Nucleo Elicotteri Genova (CNVF)
    1955/??Nucleo Elicotteri Milano (CNVF)
    1954/??Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF)
    1954/??Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (CNVF)
    1954/??Nucleo Elicotteri Napoli (CNVF)
    Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF) Pescara
    Nucleo Elicotteri Genova (CNVF) Genoa

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2120     I-TRED: Off airport crash without seriously injured
    176 ab47g-2 1956     I-VFED: Vigili del Fuoco VF-01; 1973 pictured at Alghero-Fertilia; +
    177 ab47g-2 1956     I-VFEE: Vigili del Fuoco; w/o 19nov80
    185 ab47g-2 1956     I-VFEF: Vigili del Fuoco; w/o 19jan82; Gate guardian at Frosinone
    1027 ab47j 1958     I-VFEG: Vigili del Fuoco
    2009 ab47j-3 1960     I-VFEH: Vigili del Fuoco
    2041 ab47j-3 1962     I-VFEI: Vigili del Fuoco; w/o 18jun84 at Pescara; Preserved at L+
    2043 ab47j-3 1962     I-VFEL: Vigili del Fuoco
    1593 ab47g-3b 1965     I-VFEM: Vigili del Fuoco
    1597 ab47g-3b 1965     I-VFEN: Vigili del Fuoco; w/o 1984; preserved museo VVF Mantova
    172 ab47g-2 1956     I-VFEO: Vigili del Fuoco 1968-1970; rtn
    Italian Air Force MM80107: AMI d/d 03oct56; to Firefighters as I-VFEO; returned A+
    193 ab47g-2 1955     I-VFEP: Vigili del Fuoco 1968-1970; rtn AMI
    Italian Air Force MM80110: AMI d/d 24jan57; to firefighters as I-VFEP; returned to+
    163 ab47g-2 1955     I-VFEU: Vigili del Fuoco 1968-1970; rtn AMI
    Italian Air Force MM80106: AMI d/d 28jul56; to Firefighters as I-VFEU; returned to+

    Italian Customs Police MM80106: 2nd assigned to section
    43 ab47g 1955     I-VFMO: ab47g-2 Vigili del Fuoco VF-04, f/f 19jul55 as AB47G; 21feb69 f/f +
    30 ab47g 1955     I-VFNA: Vigili del Fuoco; w/o 23jul60 at Napoli
    12 ab47g 1954     I-VFRO: Vigili del Fuoco, f/f 14aug54; 1997 dumped Roma-Ciampino

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