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  • US Navy 206
  • US Navy 206US Navy Helicopter Landing Trainer Baylander (IX-514)

In January 1968, the US Navy purchased 40 commercial Bell 206A as the TH-57A Sea Ranger to use as their primary helicopter trainer. In 1989 they were replaced by the commercial Bell 206B-3 designated as TH-57B for primary training under visual flight rules. Starting in 1985, additional Bell 206B-3 configured for advanced training under instrument flight rules (IFR) were bought and designated as the TH-57C. The TH-57D is a planned upgrade program to convert existing TH-57B and TH-57C to a single standard digital cockpit.

157355 / 157394 : TH-57A Sea Ranger ( c/n 5001-5040 ) : 40 Bell 206A. from 1968. retired/donated
161695 / 161701 : TH-57B Sea Ranger : 7 Bell 206B from 1986
162013 / 162067 : TH-57C Sea Ranger : 55 Bell 206B IFR
162666 / 162686 : TH-57C Sea Ranger : 21 Bell 206B IFR
162803 / 162810 : TH-57B Sea Ranger : 8 Bell 206B
162811 / 162823 : TH-57C Sea Ranger ( c/n 3836/3848 ) : 13 Bell 206B IFR
163312 / 163347 : TH-57B Sea Ranger ( c/n 3882/3917 ) : 36 Bell 206B

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Aero Dynamix NVG for US Navy TH-57 Sea Ranger, 26-Sep-17 : Aero Dynamix (ADI) added a night vision goggle capacity to the US Navy trainer helicopter Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger

L-3 Vertex Awarded $25M for TH-57 support, 29-Dec-15 : L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace awarded a $25M contract for logistics and depot level services for US Navy Naval Air Training Command’s Bell TH-57 helicopters

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