Bell UH-1C Iroquois
norway Luftforsvaret

Royal Norwegian Air Force

Del'd: 4 - ?? to 1990

Four late production aircraft delivered in early 70s, converted to UH-1B Norwegian standard

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

3111     853: UH-1C-BF BuNo 65-12853; to Norway as UH-1B 853; to civ as N4+
- N41870: from 1993; w/o 29sep94
3112 1965     854: UH-1C-BF BuNo 65-12854; to Norway as UH-1B 854; to civ as N6+
- N6259T: USA, to N64RA

- N64RA: conv to Richards Heavylift Helo UH-1B; Provine Aero E+

Pollux Aviation Ltd at Wasilla, AK Jan07-Mar14

R&R Conner Aviation Llc at Conner, MT Mar14-Nov18

Iron Eagle Helicopter Inc at Missoula, MT from Nov18; w+
3113     855: UH-1C-BF BuNo 65-12854; to Norway as UH-1B 855; w/o 4sep74
3114     856: UH-1C-BF BuNo 65-12856; to Norway as UH-1B 856; to civ as N+
- ZK-HHB: ex N123MS