Aerospatiale Alouette II
switzerland Schweizer Luftwaffe

Swiss Air Force

Del'd: 30 - 1958 to 1993

Schweizer Luftwaffe Alouette II

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1968/92LtSt.3 Dubendorf
1968/92LtSt.1 Payerne
1968/92LtSt.4 Dubendorf

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1110 se3130     V-41: Swiss AF; w/o 22aug60 at Morterat-gletscher
1119 se3130     V-42: Swiss AF; w/o 27may58 Kindhausen
1120 se3130 1958     V-43: Swiss AF, to HB-XBI
Heliswiss International AG HB-XBI: Heliswiss / Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Apr/Aug 1961 for +
1184 se3130     V-44: Swiss AF; w/o 26oct76 at Tödi-Hüfihütte
1229 se3130 1958     V-45: Swiss AF, to HB-XBK
Heliswiss International AG HB-XBK: Heliswiss / Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Apr/Aug 1961 for +

- F-GJEG: France, to F-WQAV, conv to SE313B

- N45VX: Swiss Helicopter Llc at Santa Teresa, NM Jan98-Feb12

Priority Farms at Glenn,CA Apr12-Jul14

Aero Charter Express Inc at Bismarck, IL from Aug14
1230 se3130 1958     V-46: Swiss AF, to HB-XBL
Heliswiss International AG HB-XBL: Heliswiss / Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Apr/Aug 1961 for +

- V-46: Swiss AF, to N4102U

- N4102U: RM Charters at Houston, TX Feb01-May04; to Equatorial G+

- : Equatorial Guinea 3C- ?
1231 se3130     V-47: Swiss AF; w/o 09jul90 Langnau
1236 se3130 1958     V-48: Swiss AF, to HB-XBF
Heliswiss International AG HB-XBF: Heliswiss / Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Apr/Aug 1961 for +

- HB-XBF: Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft March 1962, rtn AF

- N92785: private USA from Jul05
1237 se3130 1959     V-49: Swiss AF, to HB-XBM
Heliswiss International AG HB-XBM: Heliswiss / Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Apr/Aug 1961 for +

- V-49: preserved at Flieger-Flab-Museum, Dübendorf airbase, Z+
1238 se3130     V-50: Swiss AF; w/o 06nov59 at Julierpass
1929 se3130 1964     V-51: Swiss AF, to HB-XBJ
- HB-XBJ: private May97-Jul01

- N313SE: private at Naples, FL Oct01-Aug07

Mile Hi Inc at Dade City, FL Sep07-Dec09

Aeroland Inc at Wilmington, DE Jan10-Apr12; to Panama

- : Panama as HP-?, to Costa Rica

[WHERE AND WHEN?] This was my helicopter , She carrie+

- TI-BED: Costa Rica
1930 se3130     V-52: Swiss AF
Heli-TV SA : Heli TV SA, scr
1931 se3130     V-53: Swiss AF, to HB-XAQ
- HB-XAQ: Verein für Exotic and Antique Flying Machines from Oct+
1897 se3130 1964     V-54: Swiss AF in 1994 stored sold toward G-BVSD
M J Cuttell G-BVSD: Ex Swiss Air Force V-54. Became G-BVSD on 8 Sep 1994.

21sep14 seen refuelling at Gloucester airport

14may17 static display at Abingdon Air and Country show
1898 se3130     V-55: Swiss AF; w/o 22feb71 at Jona SG
1902 se3130 1964     V-56: Swiss AF Feb64-Dec92
- F-GJIE: Jet Systems Helicopters Services SA Jun96; SARL Helicop+

Helicos Legers Service SARL from Oct99; w/o 05aug00 hit+
1903 se3130 1964     V-57: Swiss AF, to HB-XJJ
Heli-TV SA HB-XJJ: Heli-TV Jun97-Mar03

Heli-TV from Jul05

Air Glaciers SA HB-XJJ: Air Glaciers SA Mar03-Jul05
1904 se3130     V-58: Swiss AF; w/o 25jan67 KL Schlierental
1908 se3130     V-59: Swiss AF, to F-GNFJ
- F-GNFJ: Association Rotor Club de Provence, Aerodrome du Luc, F+

- I-FRUL: Italy, noted Feb13
1909 se3130 1964     V-60: Swiss AF Mar64-Dec92; to France as unk
1910 se3130 1964     V-61: Swiss AF, to HB-XKJ
- HB-XKJ: Heli Nostalgie Sep94-Jul01

- : Cambodia as XU-? unk
1914 se3130 1964     V-62: Swiss AF, to F-GJLK
- F-GJLK: France from Jul95; SARL Aerodrome de Montpellier, Grabe+
1915 se3130 1964     V-63: Swiss AF, to HB-XYB
- HB-XYB: from May91
1916 se3130 1964     V-64: Swiss AF, to F-GJLN
- F-GJLN: EURL Auvergne Heli Services from Aug94

- EC-GBD: Spain
1919 se3130     V-65: Swiss AF; w/o 27aug71
1920 se3130     V-66: Swiss AF, to F-GNVB
- F-GNVB: France from May95; SARL Alpha Aviation from Dec00

- OO-ASM: Belgium
1921 se3130     V-67: Swiss AF; w/o 25jan67 KL Schlierental
1924 se3130     V-68: Swiss AF
- V-68: preserved at Fliegermuseum, Altenrhein
1925 se3130     V-69: Swiss AF; w/o 23jun70 at Binntal
1926 se3130 1964     V-70: Swiss AF Jun64-Dec92
- TU-THM: Ivory Coast

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