Sikorsky S-92
norway Bristow Norway AS

2009 to present

Bristow Norway AS S-92

Between 2005 and 2009 operated by Norsk Helikopter

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Bristow S-92 Renewal with Statoil for the Barents Sea, 18-Sep-17 : Bristow Norway renewed 5-year deal to provide S-92 helicopter offshore crew change and search and rescue (SAR) services from Hammerfest to support Eni Norge and Statoil in the Barents Sea

Bristow S-92 Commenced Operations from Florø, 02-May-17 : Bristow Norway AS commenced S-92 helicopter operations on three new five-year contracts out of Florø, Norway supporting Statoil, ENGIE E&P and A/S Norske Shell (previously BG Norge Limited)

S-92 from Louisiana to Norway, 17-Aug-16 : Two Bristow’s Sikorsky S-92 helicopters were transported by an Antonov 124 from New Iberia, Louisiana to Norway

10-Year Support Agreement for Bristow S-92, 12-Jul-16 : FIA 2016 Sikorsky’s Total Assurance Program provides Bristow continued aftermarket support to operate its S-92 fleet within a known budget, reducing the risk of unplanned costs.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    92-0174 s-92a 2012     ?: Bristow Norway from Nov17; to be confirmed
Sikorsky Helicopters N174X: Sikorsky 2012

Bristow G-XCII: Bristow Nov12-Nov17

18dec12 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
    92-0159 s-92a 2011     LN-OIB: Bristow Norway from Apr17
Sikorsky Helicopters N159Y: Sikorsky 2011

Bristow US Llc N159Y: Bristow US Jan/Feb 2012

Lider Taxi Aereo SA PR-JBH: Lider Taxi Aereo Mar12-May16

Bristow G-CIYD: Bristow Jun16-Mar17
    92-0197 s-92a 2013     LN-OIC: Bristow Norway from Apr17
Bristow US Llc N197Y: Bristow US Apr/Aug 2013

Bristow G-CHYI: Bristow Aug13-Mar17

04nov15 at Aberdeen

25may15 08am just landed back at Aberdeen from picking +

08aug16 at Aberdeen
    92-0282 s-92a 2015     LN-OID: Bristow Norway from May17
Bristow US Llc N792BG: Bristow Jun15-Nov16, test serial N282LQ

Bristow G-CJIF: Bristow Dec16-Mar17
    92-0144 s-92a 2011     LN-ONA: Bristow Norway from Sep11; 2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust +
Bristow US Llc N1016R: Bristow US Apr/Aug 2011
    92-0145 s-92a 2011     LN-ONB: Bristow Norway Sep11; 2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust SP S+
Bristow US Llc N145MH: Bristow US Apr/Aug 2011
    92-0148 s-92a 2011     LN-ONC: Bristow Norway 2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust SP Services
Bristow US Llc N148FF: Bristow US May/Nov 2011
    92-0088 s-92a 2008     LN-OND: Bristow Norway from Sep12, ex N920AL
Bristow US Llc N920AL: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0088, ff: 2008; reg Siko+
    92-0213 s-92a 2013     LN-ONE: Bristow Norway from Jan14
Bristow US Llc N213BS: Bristow US Sep13-Jan14
    92-0094 s-92a 2008     LN-ONH: Bristow Norway from Aug16
- N2016A: Times Aerospace USA LLC at Washington, DC Dec08-Jan10

- HL9483: Times Aerospace Korea 2010

Jan13-May14, sold Sikorsky S-92 2009 - One Owner Since +

Cougar Helicopters C-FEQI: VIH Aviation Group Jun14-Aug16
    92-0114 s-92a 2009     LN-ONI: Bristow Norway from Jan17; 02feb17 at Hammerfest
Sikorsky Helicopters N21122: Sikorsky Jul09, LN-OQK ntu

Cougar Helicopters C-GEKN: Cougar Helicopters May10-Jun12

VIH Cougar N921VH: VIH Cougar Helicopters Jun/Dec 2012

Cougar Helicopters C-GEKN: Cougar Dec12-May13

Construction Helicopters Inc N901CH: Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee May13-Feb17; CHI Aviation (+

Bristow US Llc N901CH: Bristow US at New Iberia, LA Aug16-Jan17
    92-0011 s-92a 2005     LN-ONN: Bristow Norway from 2009
Sikorsky Helicopters N7107S: Sikorsky 2005

Norsk Helikopter LN-ONN: Norsk Helikopter first S-92 d/d 04feb05; 2009 ren Brist+
    92-0012 s-92a 2005     LN-ONO: Bristow Norway from 2009
Sikorsky Helicopters N7108Z: Sikorsky toward LN-ONO

Norsk Helikopter LN-ONO: Norsk Helikopter 2005-2009, Bergen, ren Bristow
    92-0025 s-92a 2005     LN-ONP: Bristow Norway from 2009
Norsk Helikopter LN-ONP: Norsk Helikopter 2005-2009, ren Bristow
    92-0032 s-92a 2006     LN-ONQ: Bristow Norway from 2009
Norsk Helikopter LN-ONQ: Norsk Helikopter 2006-2009, ren Bristow
    92-0033 s-92a 2006     LN-ONR: Bristow Norway from 2009
Norsk Helikopter LN-ONR: Norsk Helikopter 2006-2009, ren Bristow
    92-0043 s-92a 2007     LN-ONS: Bristow Norway from 2009
Norsk Helikopter LN-ONS: Norsk Helikopter 2007-2009, ren Bristow

Cougar Helicopters LN-ONS: Cougar; 13aug11 pictured (top) at Halifax, Canada
    92-0070 s-92a 2008     LN-ONT: Bristow Norway from 2009
Norsk Helikopter LN-ONT: Norsk Helikopter 2008-2009, ren Bristow
    92-0091 s-92a 2009     LN-ONU: Bristow Norway, test serial N2000Q
    92-0092 s-92a 2009     LN-ONV: Bristow Norway, test serial N2010H
    92-0090 s-92a 2008     LN-ONW: Bristow Norway at Sola from Nov10
Bristow US Llc N921AL: Bristow US Sep08-Oct10, test serial N2563T
    92-0137 s-92a 2010     LN-ONX: Bristow Norway from Dec10
Bristow US Llc N1133W: Bristow US Aug/Nov 2010

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