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    0704 ec135t2+ 2008     N104VU: Air Methods from Jan16
Eurocopter USA N587AM: American Eurocopter, to N104VU

State of Tennessee N104VU: Vanderbilt University at Nashville, TN Dec08-Dec15; Van+
    0724 ec135t2+ 2008     N105VU: Air Methods from Jul14
Eurocopter USA N887AM: American Eurocopter Oct08

State of Tennessee N105VU: Vanderbilt University at Nashville, TN Dec08-Jul14; Van+
    0324 ec135p2 2004     N134AM: Air Methods from May14
- N134AM: Wells Fargo Bank NA Feb05-May14

State of Florida N134AM: Gulflight1; 10mar09 at Crestview, FL
    0351 ec135p2 2004     N135AN: Air Care Team at Orlando, FL op by Air Methods, noted Apr13+
cfs air llc N135AN: Cfs Air from Sep04, test serial N170AE

State of Ohio N135AN: MedFlightOhio /2; May05 pictured (top)

- N135AN: Helifleet 2013-1 Llc at Danbury, CT from Dec13

State of Florida N135AN: Orlando Health Air Care Team at Orlando, FL; Jul14 pict+

Orlando Health; 27apr16 impacted by vehicle while lande+
    0495 ec135t2 2006     N135CJ: Air Methods from May13
- N135CJ: Fifth Third Leasing at Cincinnati, OH Aug07; Fifth Thir+

State of Pennsylvania N135CJ: JeffSTAT, op by Air Methods; Mar15 JeffStat 3 at Brandy+
    0706 ec135p2+ 2008     N135CM: Air Methods from Nov12
- N135CM: Jack Prewitt and Assoc at Bedford, TX from Nov08, test+

State of New Jersey N135CM: HackensackUMC, noted Apr12. Temporary, waiting for new +

State of Ohio N135CM: MedFlightOhio, noted Jan14

Mercy Air N135CM: Mercy Air, noted Jan16
    0335 ec135p2 2004     N135ED: Air Methods from Mar14
- N135ED: Wells Fargo Bank from Oct04

Carilion Clinic Life-Guard, Virginia, 2006

State of Pennsylvania N135ED: JeffSTAT, 2013
    0731 ec135p2+ 2008     N135LG: Air Methods from Apr09
State of Virginia N135LG: Carilion Clinic at Roanoke, VA; Life-Guard /11, noted A+

w/o 02feb17 rolled over on side on landing to pickup vi+
    0009 ec135p1 1996     N135ME: Air Methods from Aug12
Eurocopter Germany D-HECA: Eurocopter Germany, to N4037H

Eurocopter USA N4037H: American Eurocopter 1996-1997

Metro Aviation N135ME: 1997 first Metro customized EC135

State of Pennsylvania N135ME: STAT MedEvac 1997

cfs air llc N135ME: CFS Air Jun06

- N135ME: Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL from Jun07

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA trustee from Jul07

sold to Scroggins Aviation Mockup
    0054 ec135p1 1998     N135SJ: Medical College of Virginia (VCU), noted Dec04
Eurocopter Germany D-HECM: Eurocopter Germany, to N4056V

Eurocopter USA N4056V: American Eurocopter from Jun98

State of Virginia N135SJ: Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU LifeEvac Virginia+

State of Florida N135SJ: TGH, canc

State of Pennsylvania N135SJ: PennSTAR from 2009, (N63UP)
    0494 ec135p2 2006     N136KY: Air Methods from Feb12
- N136KY: Bank of America NA at West Mifflin, PA Oct06-Feb12
    0326 ec135p2 2004     N137AM: Air Methods from Feb15
- N137AM: Fifth Third Equipment Finance Co at Cincinnati, OH Ap+

State of Florida N137AM: LifeNet Tallahassee, FL from May05, repl Bo105
    0339 ec135p2 2004     N137LN: Air Methods from Jan14
- N137LN: Suntrust Leasing Corpt at Englewood, CO from Oct04-Jun0+

State of Pennsylvania N137LN: JeffSTAT, op by Air Methods
    0352 ec135p2 2004     N138LN: Air Methods from May14
Eurocopter USA N135BF: American Eurocopter

- N138LN: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Na at Salt Lake City, UT fr+

State of Virginia N138LN: VCU LifeEvac Virginia
    0655 ec135t2+ 2008     N139AM: Wells Fargo Bank NW NA Trustee from Apr08; Air Methods
Airlift Northwest N139AM: Airlift Northwest by Jul17, op by Air Methods
    0322 ec135p2 2004     N139TJ: Air Methods from Oct14
- N135LN: Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Inc at Englewood, CO

State of Pennsylvania N139TJ: JeffSTAT noted 2004-2015, op by Air Methods
    0344 ec135p2 2004     N142LN: Wells Fargo Jul05-Nov08; Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilm+
Eurocopter USA N139AM: American Eurocopter

State of Florida N533LF: Lee County Division Of Public Safety at Fort Myers, FL +
    1125 ec135p2+ 2013     N162AE: Air Methods from Jan15
Eurocopter USA N162AE: American Eurocopter Dec13, test serial D-HECH

State of Utah N162AE: Bank of Utah Trustee Feb14-Jan15
    0671 ec135p2+ 2008     N163BF: Air Methods from Aug13
- N257AM: Wells Fargo Bank May08, test serial D-HECQ; reser N163B+

State of Florida N163BF: Bayflite Air Medical Bayfront Health, op by Air Methods
    0444 ec135t2 2005     N200HN: Air Methods from Jan18; 20mar18 at Leesburg International A+
- N135KY: to N200HN

cfs air llc N200HN: Cfs Air Llc from Jan06

Jan12 at Modesto Memorial Medical Center heliport, CA

State of New York N200HN: Life Net of New York (LifeNetNY), op by Air Methods; 24+
    0540 ec135p2+ 2007     N230AM: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE; Air Methods
Mercy Air N230AM: Mercy Air
    0548 ec135t2+ 2007     N235UW: Air Methods from Sep12
cfs air llc N235UW: Cfs Air from Jun07

State of Wisconsin N235UW: University of Wisconsin UW Health 2007-Oct14

Airlift Northwest N235UW: Airlift Northwest, op by Air Methods; Jul17 pictured
    0565 ec135p2+ 2007     N238AM: Air Methods /MedEvac 7; w/o 30may08 at Mazzuca Heliport, Po+
    0573 ec135p2+ 2007     N241AM: Air Methods from Oct15
cfs air llc N241AM: Cfs Air at Danbury, CT Oct07-Sep13

Mercy Air N241AM: Mercy Air, noted 2011-2012

- N241AM: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Sep13-Sep15
    0584 ec135p2+ 2007     N243AM: Air Methods
- N243AM: CBI Leasing Inc at St Louis, MO from Mar08; CBI Equipme+

State of North Carolina N243AM: Air Care Wake Health, op by Air Methods; Nov15 as /AirC+
    0610 ec135p2+ 2007     N244AM: Air Methods
State of Florida N244AM: BAL Corporate Aviation at Englewood, CO Jan08-Dec12; UF+

- N244AM: US Bank NA Through Its Div US Bank Equip Finance at Por+
    0663 ec135p2+ 2008     N253AM: Wachovia Financial Services Inc at Englewood, CO Sep08-Jan11
State of Florida N253AM: St Lucie County Fire District, Air Rescue titles, op b+
    0734 ec135p2+ 2008     N261AM: Air Methods from Nov08
Mercy Air N261AM: Mercy Air (Air Methods)
    0738 ec135p2+ 2008     N276AM: Air Methods from Nov08
Mercy Air N276AM: Mercy Air (Air Methods)
    0428 ec135p2 2005     N3842: Air Methods from Jun12
State of Indiana N3842: Chase Equipment Leasing Inc at Columbus, OH Jun06-Jun11+

- N3842: JP Morgan Chase Bank Na at Columbus, OH Jun11-Jun12
    0605 ec135t2+ 2007     N435UW: Air Methods from Apr13
- N435UW: Bank Of America Na at Englewood, CO from Apr08

State of Wisconsin N435UW: University of Wisconsin Hospital (UW), Med Flight HEMS
    0278 ec135p2 2003     N492AE: Air Methods from Jul12
cfs air llc N492AE: CFS Air Jun06-Jul07

State of Pennsylvania N492AE: CJ Systems Aviation Group Jul07-Nov11, op by STAT Mede+

- N492AE: CJ Systems Aviation Group at Englewood, CO Nov11-Jul12

State of Pennsylvania N492AE: JeffSTAT, op by Air Methods
    0382 ec135t2 2005     N504LH: Air Methods from Apr14
cfs air llc N911EF: CFS Air at Danbury, CT Apr05-Sep12
    0697 ec135p2+     N527BF: Air Methods from Jan09
State of Florida N527BF: Bayflite Air Medical Bayfront Health, op by Air Methods
    0471 ec135p2 2006     N530LN: Air Methods from Jul14
- N158AM: Wells Fargo Bank Jun/Aug 2006

cfs air llc N530LN: CFS Air Llc at Danbury, CT Aug06-Sep13

State of Delaware N530LN: Christiana Care Health System, noted 2007

- N530LN: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Sep13-Jul14, N435+
    0474 ec135p2 2006     N531LN: Air Methods from Mar14
- N531LN: Wells Fargo Bank Sep06-Mar14; Life Net
    0453 ec135p2 2006     N534LN: Air Methods from Jul14
cfs air llc N534LN: CFS Air Llc at Danbury, CT Jun06-Aug13

- N534LN: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Aug13-Jun14
    0365 ec135p2 2005     N535LN: Air Methods from Feb13
cfs air llc N535LN: CFS Air 2006-2013

State of New York N535LN: Life Net of New York (LifeNetNY), op by Air Methods

State of Pennsylvania N535LN: Guthrie Air Sayre, PA (LifeNetNY), P2+ type
    0362 ec135p2 2004     N537LN: Air Methods fom Apr14; picture Duke University Hospital, Dur+
Eurocopter USA N162AM: American Eurocopter

State of Virginia N537LN: Comerica Leasing Corp at Southfield, MI Mar05-Apr14; V+
    0480 ec135p2 2006     N538LN: Air Methods from Dec11
- N538LN: Bank of America NA at Eaglewood, CO Jan07-Jun08, test +

State of Virginia N538LN: VCU LifeEvac Virginia, noted 2015, op by Air Methods
    0487 ec135p2 2006     N539LN: Air Methods from Mar12
State of New York N539LN: Suntrust Equipment Finance & Leasing Corp at Towson, MD+

State of Pennsylvania N539LN: Guthrie Air Sayre, PA
    0509 ec135p2+ 2006     N541LN: Air Methods from Jul12
LifeNet Inc N541LN: Regions Equipment Finance Corp at Birmingham, AL from J+
    0709 ec135p2+ 2008     N586AM: Air Methods from Feb09
State of Ohio N586AM: Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital at Cleveland, OH.+

UH MedEvac, noted 2012
    0465 ec135p2 2006     N65UP: Air Methods from Nov11
State of Pennsylvania N65UP: Key Equipment Finance Inc at West Mifflin, PA Sep06-Nov+
    0614 ec135p2+ 2007     N812LV: Air Methods from Apr13
- N812LV: Wells Fargo Bank Dec07-Mar13

State of Pennsylvania N812LV: Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)
    0628 ec135p2+ 2007     N814LV: Air Methods from Jul13
- N814LV: Wells Fargo Bank Mar08-Jul13, test serial D-HECN

State of Pennsylvania N814LV: Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)
    0651 ec135p2+ 2008     N817LV: Air Methods from Aug13
- N817LV: Wells Fargo Bank Mar08-Jul13

State of Pennsylvania N817LV: Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) /MedEvac 7 based +
    0564 ec135t2+ 2007     N861NC: Air Methods from Sep12
    N861NQ: Air Methods from Jan15
- N136TH: Wells Fargo from May07; Merrill Lynch Business Financia+

State of Pennsylvania N861NC: PennSTAR air ambulance, noted Oct08

State of North Carolina N861NC: UNC Carolina Air Care 2012-2015, op by Air Methods
    0555 ec135p2+ 2007     N911BF: Air Methods from Dec12
- N911BF: Wells Fargo Bank from Apr07; Regions Equipment Finance +

State of Florida N911BF: Bayflite Air Medical Bayfront Health, op by Air Methods
    0497 ec135p2 2006     N911EF: Air Methods from Aug14
- N137KY: JP Mmorgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Jun11
    0382 ec135t2 2005     N911EF: Air Methods Sep12-Apr14
cfs air llc N911EF: CFS Air at Danbury, CT Apr05-Sep12
    0412 ec135t2     N93LF: Air Methods from Jan13
Life Flight N93LF: Life Flight, test serial D-HECH

- N93LF: PNC Equipment Finance Llc at Lisle, IL Jun11-Dec12

State of Ohio N93LF: UH MedEvac noted Mar12; 2015 still
    0686 ec135t2+ 2008     N953AL: Air Methods from Feb14
Airlift Northwest N953AL: BB&T Equipment Finance Corp at Charlotte, NC from Jan09+
    0416 ec135t2 2005     N957ME: Air Methods Jul/Oct 2012
cfs air llc N138MH: CFS AIR 2005-2007

- N957ME: CJ Systems Aviation Group Inc at West Mifflin, PA Jul07+

State of Pennsylvania N957ME: STAT MedEvac base 12

- N987RH: Mass Mutual Asset Finance Lld at Englewood, CO Mar13-Oc+

State of Illinois N987BH: Mercyhealth REACT, Rockford, IL

- N911UG: ?
    0089 ec135t1 1999     N969ME: Air Methods from Jun12
- N5230X: to N135TH

- N135TH: to N118WS

- N118WS: to N969ME

State of Pennsylvania N969ME: STAT MedEvac, noted Mar05

State of Pennsylvania N200UP: PennSTAR; 29jul14 pictured on delivery
    0416 ec135t2 2005     N987BH: Air Methods from Oct17
cfs air llc N138MH: CFS AIR 2005-2007

- N957ME: CJ Systems Aviation Group Inc at West Mifflin, PA Jul07+

State of Pennsylvania N957ME: STAT MedEvac base 12

- N987RH: Mass Mutual Asset Finance Lld at Englewood, CO Mar13-Oc+

State of Illinois N987BH: Mercyhealth REACT, Rockford, IL

- N911UG: ?

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