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    argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina

    Argentine Air Force

    Del'd: 6 - 2013 to present


    Fuerza Aerea Argentina 412

    In 2009, the governments of Argentina and Canada sign a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire military training programs, services and defense equipment. In 2011 was announced the acquisition of two second-hand civilian aircraft in use in Argentina and to be refurbished in Canada before delivery but the operation was canceled when the airframes were found to be not suitable by the air force. On May 2013 was finally approved the purchase of two aircraft to Bell Canada including a new built one.

    The 412s are to be used by the Cruz del Sur Argentinian-Chilean combined force having been received in all white UN color scheme. First helicopter, new built, delivered November 26, 2013 and the second one, former Puerto Rico police, in September 2014. In 2016 both were re-painted in the air force grey livery.

    Following a FMS request in November 2015, additional 4 new-build aircraft fitted for search and rescue were delivered on February 2018

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    Four Bell 412EP Delivered to Argentina, 11-Dec-17 : Bell Helicopter delivered 4 Bell 412EP to the Argentine Air Force from a FMS order approved by the US State Department in 2015

    Argentina Requests 4 Bell 412EP, 18-Nov-15 : Argentina requested a possible sale of 4 Bell 412EP helicopters for an estimated cost of u$s 80 million. The Argentine Air Force currently operates 2 aircraft of this model


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2013/    VII Brigada AereaHT Port-au-Prince
    CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
    Mariano Moreno
    AQ Vicecomodoro Marambio

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