Eurocopter AS532UL Cougar
france Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre

French Army Light Aviation

Del'd: 29 - 1989 to present

Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre AS532UL Cougar

Airframes with C/N lower than 2370 were originally built by Aerospatiale.

ALAT Eurocopter Cougars:

24 AS.332M/AS.532UL Cougar : assault variant
4 AS.532UL Cougar Horizon : Surveillance variant with airborne radar
EC.725AP Caracal : Special forces listed separately

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Héli-Union Opens a New Branch in Pau, 10-Apr-17 : Opening May 2017 at Pau Airport will provide regular inspection of helicopters Cougar and Super Puma (AS332/AS532) of the French Armed Forces

French Army New SIT-ALAT System, 05-Sep-16 : Captain Franck, Officer in the 3rd Combat Helicopters Regiment explains the French Army new information system SIT-ALAT which is operational since 2015

Sagem To Upgrade French Helicopters Optronic Systems, 16-Jun-15 : Paris Air Show 2015 Sagem will upgrade Euroflir 350 optronic systems on the French army s Cougar helicopters, and the Caracal fleet deployed by France s special and conventional forces.

Air Algerie 5017 Crash Relatives Mourn in Mali, 22-Apr-15 : On April 21, more than 200 French soldiers from Operation Barkhane were mobilized in Burkina Faso and south of Gao, Mali, to allow families mourn Air Algeria Flight AH5017 Mali desert crash victims.

ALAT Received 2 Upgraded AS532, 13-Mar-15 : French Army Aviation took delivery of 2 upgraded AS532. 26 Cougar are operated by the ALAT with 3 upgraded in 2013, five more in 2014 and an additional seven aircraft will be delivered in 2015.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2009/    4 RHFS Pau Uzein
1999/09DAOSPau Uzein


L Foudre class

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2252     2252: ALAT /CGA; Jul13 pictured at Toussus-le-Noble waiting for ov+
    2254     2254: ALAT 2254/CYD; Horizon type.
    2266     2266: ALAT; 2003 /BJI DAOS; CGB
    2267     2267: 2014 /CGC
    2271     2271: ALAT; CGD
    2272     2272: ALAT; CGE
    2273     2273: ALAT; CGF
    2282     2282: ALAT; CGG
    2285     2285: ALAT CGH, F-MCGH; 2011 4RHFS
    2290     2290: ALAT; CGI
    2293     2293: ALAT; CGJ
    2298     2298: ALAT; CZX; Horizon type. Porthos
    2299     2299: ALAT; CGK
    2300     2300: ALAT; CGL
    2301     2301: ALAT; CGM
    2303     2303: ALAT; CGN
    2316     2316: ALAT; CGO
    2318     2318: ALAT. 2318/CGP 17jan09 crash from Foudre landing ship off th+
    2323     2323: ALAT; CGQ
    2324     2324: ALAT; CGR
    2325     2325: ALAT; 21jul96 pictured (top) as 4RHCM./AIA at Fairford airsh+
    2327     2327: ALAT; CGT
    2331     2331: ALAT; CGU
    2336     2336: ALAT, F-MCGV
    2389     2389: ALAT; to eurocopter?
    2427     2427: ALAT AS532UL Horizon type; 2007 /CZY 1RHC
Eurocopter France F-ZKCF: wfu
    2430     2430: ALAT; CZZ; Horizon type
- 2430: preserved at the musee de lAviation legere de lArmee de+
    2443     2443: ALAT; 1997 AIG 4RHCM; 2005 CYC 1.RHC; CGW
    2446     2446: ALAT; 1997 4 RHCM; CGX

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