Sikorsky S-76
united kingdom Bristow

1990 to present

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Bristow acquired 4 S-92 and 3 S-76CC, 03-Oct-07 : DUXFORD, United Kingdom - Bristow Group Inc. a leading provider of helicopter services and production management services to the offshore energy industry, and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.), today announced at the 2007 Helitech exhibition that Bristow has exercised options to acquire an additional four S-92® helicopters and three S-76C++TM helicopters with a combined value of more than $100 million.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    76-0022 s-76a 1979     G-BHBF: Bristow Nov79-Jul09, test serial N4247S; conv S-76A+; conv S+
- EZ-S704: Bristow Turkmenistan, noted 2006
    76-0057 s-76a 1980     G-BHRT: Bristow Apr/Aug 1980, test serial N1546P
Bristow Malaysia 9M-AXW: Bristow Malaysia

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-AXW: MHS, to PT-YOM

- PT-YOM: Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, lsd from MHS

Emar Taxi Aereo PP-MAH: Emar Taxi Aereo from Jul13
    76-0026 s-76a 1980     G-BJGX: Bristow ex N103BH
Sikorsky Helicopters N4242S: Sikorsky toward N103BH

- N103BH: ex N4242S toward G-BJGX
    76-0052 s-76a 1980     G-BJVW: Bristow Jan/Dec 1982, to Malaysia
- N104BH: to G-BJVW

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-AYD: MHS Aviation, 1996 to Brazil

- PT-YDM: Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, rtn to Malaysia

- 9M-BDG: Malaysia, to Australia

- VH-XHZ: Australia, to Canada

Helijet International C-GHJT: Helijet International from Jan03; w/o 13aug12 land on w+
    76-0055 s-76a 1980     G-BKJU: Bristow Nov82-Feb85, to N105BH
Bristow US Llc N105BH: Bristow, ex N176PB, to G-BKJU

- C-GRJC: Mar87-Jun88

- N376LL: MDFC Equipmeant Leasing at Long Beach, CA Jul88-May99

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMY: Canadian Helicopters

Government of Canada C-GIMY: Ontario Ministry of Health Air Ambulance, op by Canadia+

- C-GIMY: 7506406 Canada Inc from Jul12

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GIMY: Ornge; w/o 31may13 impacted terrain shortly after takeo+
    76-0107 s-76a 1980     G-BVKO: Bristow Mar/Aug 1994
Royal Jordanian Air Force 731: RJAF ABLE-11, to G-BVKO

Bristow Australia VH-BHM: Bristow Australia, wfu
    76-0115 s-76a 1980     G-BVKR: Bristow Mar94-Jul07
Royal Jordanian Air Force 734: RJAF 1980-1993

Bristow Australia VH-TZN: Bristow Australia 2007-2014

- N1471: Arrow Aviation at Broussard, LA from May14
    76-0118 s-76a 1981     G-BVKS: Bristow Mar94-May95
Royal Jordanian Air Force 735: RJAF ABLE-2, to G-BVKS

Bristow Australia VH-BHI: Bristow Australia, to N4580W

- N4580W: expired, scr
    76-0221 s-76a 1982     G-BWIM: Bristow Oct95-Apr97, ex CC-ECH to N717AL
Chilean Army CCECH: Ejercito d/d Jan83, test serial N15466; VIP for August+

Air Logistics N717AL: Air Logistics from Jun97; canc Aug10
    76-0109 s-76a 1980     G-BZJT: Bristow Jul00-Jan01
- VH-EMX: Australia, to ZS-RHB

- ZS-RHB: South Africa, to N2398M

- N2398M: USA, to N520AL

Air Logistics N520AL: Air Logistics

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BCT: Bristow Nigeria from Feb01

Bristow US Llc N520AL: Bristow US Oct12-2013

- trainer: 01may14 to Canadore College, Ontario, Canada as helic+
    76-0645 s-76c 2006     G-CEKR: Bristow Apr/Aug 2007
Air Logistics N878AL: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics Dec06-Apr07

Caledonian Helicopters G-CEKR: Caledonian Helicopters August 08/09 2007

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SPT: MHS Aviation
    76-0666 s-76c 2007     G-CFDV: Bristow from Feb08
Air Logistics N45140: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics Jul07-Feb08
    76-0732 s-76c 2008     G-CFPU: Bristow Jan/May 2009
Air Logistics N25740: S-76C++; Air Logistics Oct08-Jan09

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BMI: Bristow Nigeria from May09

19jun14 Bristow Nigeria at Lagos

08apr15 at Cotonou, Benin
    76-0733 s-76c 2009     G-CFPV: Bristow Mar/Sep 2009
Air Logistics N2576R: S-76C++; Air Logistics Oct08-Mar09

Bristow Australia VH-ZFJ: Bristow Australia from Sep09 (Brilog Leasing)
    76-0735 s-76c 2008     G-CFPY: Bristow Jan/Jun 2009
Air Logistics N20380: S-76C++; Air Logistics Oct08-Jan09

Bristow Australia VH-TZL: Bristow Australia from Jun09
    76-0774 s-76c 2009     G-CGLS: Bristow Apr/Sep 2010
Bristow US Llc N774L: Keystone S-76C-2; Bristow US Dec09-Mar10

Bristow Australia VH-TZI: Bristow Australia from Oct010 ( Brilog Leasing )

07apr15 at Learmonth
    76-0775 s-76c 2009     G-CGLU: Bristow Apr/Nov 2010
Bristow US Llc N775L: Keystone S-76C-2; Bristow US Dec09-Mar10

Bristow Australia VH-TZR: Bristow Australia from Dec10 (Brilog Leasing)
    76-0778 s-76c 2010     G-CGOP: S-76C++; Bristow d/d Jul10
    76-0780 s-76c 2010     G-CGOU: S-76C++; Bristow d/d Jul10; 02jul12 pictured (pic1) at Humbe+
    76-0768 s-76c 2009     G-CGRK: Bristow Nov10-Nov11
Bristow US Llc N889BG: Keystone S-76C-2; Bristow US Aug/Oct 2010

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LDV: Lider Taxi Aereo Oct12, PR-LDU ntu
    76-0656 s-76c 2007     G-CGRU: Bristow Nov10-Apr13
Bristow US Llc N76TZ: S-76C++; Bristow US May07-Nov10, Sikorsky test serial N+

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BQJ: Bristow Nigeria from Apr13

28sep13 sighted at an oil rig in Nigeria

03feb16 controlled water landing near Lagos, Nigeria. 1+
    76-0201 s-76a 1981     G-DRNT: Bristow May98-Feb00
- N3121G: to N3WL

- N3WL: to N3WQ

- N3WQ: to N93WW

- N93WW: canc Apr90

Bond Aviation Group G-DRNT: Bond Helicopters Apr90-May98

CHC Scotia G-DRNT: CHC Scotia Feb00-Oct09

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GBWC: CHC Oct09-Oct13
    76-0664 s-76c 2007     G-KAZD: Bristow Jan/Apr 2008
Air Logistics N4508N: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics May07-Jan08

Caledonian Helicopters G-KAZD: Caledonian Helicopters April 01/03 2008

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SPW: MHS Aviation from May08

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BSC: Bristow Nigeria as of Sep15

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