Del'd: 17 - 1958 to 1988

Aerospatiale SE3130 Alouette II
united kingdom Army Air Corps

Army Air Corps SE3130  Alouette II

The Sud Aviation SE3130 Alouette II in British Army service (Alouette AH.2) was subsequently known as the SA313 derivative under Aérospatiale. Two purchased in 1958 for trials with the British Army during the autumn as a liaison helicopter, to carry passengers and light tactical stores around the battlefield. Following a further competition (against the Hiller 12E and the Saunders-Roe P.531), 15 more were ordered in 1961 as a stop-gap when it became clear that Scout development would take longer than planned. The Alouette was to prove pivotal in the demonstration of versatility under poor weather conditions, when during the hard winter of 1961, it was used by the Army in predominantly civilian rescues for communities isolated by the snow and for airborne replenishment (!) of stranded livestock. It had reasonable hot and high performance and proved technically very reliable in service; one of the reasons for its success with 16 Flt and UNFICYP in Cyprus. The Alouette was replaced by the Gazelle AH.1 in Oct 1988 and on 9 Mar 1990, the remaining fleet (apart from XR232 and XR379, qv) was offered for sale.

XN132 XR380 XR379 XR385 were at Netheravon as a VIP flight . They were used for ferrying visiting VIP's or alternatively a 5* general . Still operating in 1974.

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1977/8816 FltCY Dhekelia Strip
1969-    Historic Aircraft Flight AAC Middle Wallop
1964/88UNFICYP FlightCY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
19648 FltYE Falaise
1961/6918 FltDE Detmold
??/6927 FltDE Bunde closed 1993

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