Del'd: 17 - 1958 to 1988

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1644 1961     XJ384: as part of a REME team, I helped assemble XJ384, along wit+
1185 1958     XN132: Ex F-WIPG. 6 Flt (Netheravon) by Sep 1972
- G-BUIV: M and P Food Products Ltd Jun92-May93

helicon PH-NSW: Helicon from 1993; 26jun99 damaged by hard landing, nev+
1186 1958     XN133: Ex F-WIPH. Accident on take off 7 Sep 1960 while with 6 Flt+
1499 1960     XP966: AAC; Sep72 asg 14 Flt
1500 1960     XP967: AAC d/d Dec60
- G-BSFN: M AND P Food Products Ltd May90-Jan98

private Jan98-Jun00

- G-UGLY: private Jun00-Feb07

- HA-PPC: private Hungary from Mar07; w/o at Breighton Airfield,+
1503 1960     XR232: ex F-WIEP. Served with UNFICYP in Cyprus.
1558 1961     XR376: AAC, test serial F-WIPA, Delivered as XJ376 in error; Serv+
- F-GLNO: ex AAC

- I-PYRO: from Nov11
1567 1961     XR377: Delivered as XJ377 in error.
1582 1961     XR378: AAC, test serial F-WIEM; Delivered as XJ378 in error; 6 Fl+
- G-BSFS: M and Food Products Ltd May90-May97

- N9ZJ: Precision Helicopters Llc at Winters, CA

Denali Helicopters at Anchorage, AK Apr07-Apr08

Lohman Helicopter at Kendrick, ID Apr08-Dec10

private at Clarkston, WA Jan11-Apr19

private at Issaquah, WA from Apr19
1583 1961     XR379: dd May 1961 as F-WIEN to Middle Wallop. Originally serialled+
Ministry of Defence (MoD) G-CICS: MoD Army Historic Aircraft Flight at Army Aviation Cent+

- 2-ALOU: Apr18 overhauled and re registered 2-ALOU. Based near Y+

moved to new owners at White Waltham EGLM, 2-ALOU reta+
1596 1961     XR380: Delivered as XJ380 in error. 6 Flt (Netheravon) by Sep 1972.+
1606 1961     XR381:
1607 1961     XR382: Served with UNFICYP in Cyprus until at least 1984.
owner unknown F-GHCQ: ex Army Air Corps. To F-GHCQ.

from Mar90 to de-reg Sep00 ex XR382 toward CN-HTS

owner unknown CN-HTS: ex F-GHCQ. To CN-HTS

Helisud Maroc from 2001
1621 1961     XR383: 1962/63 in Nairobi, Wilson Airfield
1644 1961     XR384: Delivered as XJ384 in error. 10 Flt Dhekelia Dec 1961 to Jun+
1645 1961     XR385: Delivered as XJ385 in error. 10 Flt Dhekelia Nov 1961 to Jun+
1663 1961     XR386: 10 Flt Dhekelia Nov 1961 to Jun 1962. 24 Flt Detmold Jul 196+
1664 1961     XR387: 10 Flt reserve airframe at Dhekelia Dec 1961 to Jun 1962. w/+

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