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    CHC Helicopters Australia 412

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    CHC’ Bell 412 SAR Crew Recognized in Australia, 19-Oct-17 : Bell 412 ‘Rescue 651’ crew from Western Australia’s Rescue Helicopter Service, operated by CHC, recognised with Commendation Award for their mission with vessel ‘Fatal Attraction’ on November 6, 2016

    RAC Rescue Completes 5000th Mission, 20-Oct-16 : CHC Australia’s Bell 412 helicopters completed their 5,000th mission in 13 years with the DFES’s RAC Rescue service

    RAC WA Launched at Bunbury, 27-Jan-16 : RAC launch its second emergency rescue helicopter in Western Australia. Based at Bunbury airport


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1989/    RAAF Rescue ServiceYE Falaise
    Darwin Intl
    East Sale

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    33044 1981     VH-BZH: CHC Australia from Aug05
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-BZH: Australia from Oct81, test serial N18098

    Lloyd Australia, noted 1985

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-BZH: RACQ CQ Rescue 2009-2013

    State of Alaska N412NP: Northern Pioneer Helicopters at Big Lake, AK from Feb16
    36419 412ep 2006     VH-EPH: CHC Helicopters Australia Feb15
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-EPH: Lloyd Helicopters Ptd Ltd from Febr07, Bell serial N307+

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-EPH: Ambulance NSW Rescue 22, Bankstown op by CHC

    13jun14 picking up accident victim at Bunbury, WA
    36100 412ep 1994     VH-EPK: CHC Australia from Feb07; Ambulance Service of New South Wal+
    Mexico Government XC-JCU: Gobierno del Estado de Mexico, to N412HH

    Helicopter Express Inc N412HH: Helicopter Express Oct06-Feb07

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-EPK: Lloyd Helicopters from Sep11; HEMS

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-EPK: Ambulance NSW 2007-2011?, op by CHC/Lloyd

    RACQ CQ Rescue 2011-2012

    RAC Rescue, by 2015; Jun17 noted at Bunbury

    12feb17 pictured (pic1) preforming winch training off B+
    36312 412ep 2002     VH-EWA: CHC Australia from May06
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-EWA: Lloyd Australia from Jul03, test serial C-GBUP

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-EWA: RAC Rescue op by CHC, noted 2010, pictured

    daring medevac mission from vessel ‘Fatal Attraction+

    pictured (pic2)
    33029 1981     VH-NSC: CHC Australia Aug05-2017?; Ambulance Service of New South Wa+
    - N3913B: to VH-CRQ

    - VH-CRQ: Australia, first reg Dec86

    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSC: NSCA

    National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) until 1989

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-NSC: Snowy Hydro SouthCare Aeromedical Service op by CHC; Am+

    pictured (pic1) in final Southcare Livery at Southcare +

    Boxing Day 1998 - Awarded a Group Citations for Bravery+

    - VH-NSC: MKR Choppers Pty Ltd from Apr17; op by Canberra Helic+

    Secure Aviation Group Pty Ltd from Nov17

    pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport

    Sydney HeliTours VH-NSC: Op by Sydney Helicopters P/L at Rosehill, Sydney by Dec+

    Aug19 new paint livery, pictured (pic3)

    Sep19 firefighting in NSW and QLD
    33091 1982     VH-NSP: CHC Australia Aug05-Mar17
    national air naval service FAP-1011: Panama Air Force, teset serial N22797; 1983 PapaCoptero+

    - HP-962: Panama, to N22976

    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSP: NSCA, , first reg Jan85

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSP: Lloyd Australia

    Ambulance Helimed by

    Boxing Day 1998 - Awarded a Group Citations for Bravery+

    pictured (pic1) date unk, with Fire and Emergency Serv+

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-NSP: RACQ CQ Rescue 2005-2006, op by CHC

    Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA), Western A+

    Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HHVV: Agrarflug Helilift GmbH from Apr17

    26apr18 Agrarflug at Ahlen

    Rotorsun D-HHVV: Rotorsun Spain, pictured (pic3)
    33084 1982     VH-NSV: CHC Australia from Aug05
    - N3172D: to VH-AHH

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-AHH: Lloyd Australia, first reg Jun87

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSV: Adeilaide Bank titles, 2002-2004

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-NSV: Adelaide Rescue 1 helicopter /SGIC 1, noted Aug01

    RACQ CQ Rescue -2013; 2011 3000 hs service, temp repl +

    pictured (pic1) at Mackay

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-NSV: RAAF Search and Rescue, op by CHC Australia

    pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport

    FAASA Chile CC-APK: Sold to Eagle Copters Australia, refurbished and export+
    36274 412ep 2001     VH-VAA: Bendigo air ambulance /HEMS 3; still reg with Lloyd but oper+
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-VAA: Lloyd Offshore Helicopters from Apr01, Bell serial C-GL+

    pictured (pic1) at Essendon

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-VAA: Air Ambulance Victoria, op by CHC in 2013 (?)

    RAC Rescue (DFES WA) /Rescue 653 op by CHC; reached 10+

    36275 412ep 2001     VH-VAB: CHC Australia; Ambulance Helimed 1/HEMS 2, based at Latrobe +
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-VAB: Air Ambulance Victoria by 2014, op by CHC

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-VAB: RAAF Search and Rescue, op by CHC Australia

    pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport

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