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  • 2014 to present

    CHI Aviation CH-47D Chinook

    See also Helimax

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    Firefighter Chinook Tracking System, 06-Dec-17 : Helimax Aviation new underslung bucket additional telemetry unit (ATU) onboard tracking system successfully tested on its CH-47D Chinook currently deployed in Australia

    CHI Aviation Granted FAA Type Certificate for CH-47D, 02-Feb-17 : Construction Helicopters Inc granted Type Certificate (TC) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for former US Army CH-47D Chinook

    Summit Aviation Prepares Chinook For Civilian Job, 11-Sep-14 : MIDDLETOWN, Delaware – Summit Aviation recently helped a veteran of military aviation, a Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter, make a groundbreaking transition into a productive new role in civilian life, firefighting.

    Older Chinook helicopters on sale, 04-Jun-14 : The Army completed the sale of the first 10 CH-47D Chinook helicopters that were auctioned through the General Services Administration website.

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    M.3187     N947CH: Heligroup Fire Llc from Jun14
    US Army Aviation 86-01682: US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47C 70-15022

    3-126th AVN, New York Army National Guard

    pictured (pic1) US Govt Auction at Meridianville, AL

    Columbia Helicopters N947CH: CHi Aviation Apr/Jun 2014
    M.3354     N948CH: Heligroup Fire Llc from Jun14
    US Army Aviation 90-00202: US Army 90-0202/00202 cnvt. from ex CH-47C 74-22293

    2014 in sale by GSA auction

    Columbia Helicopters N948CH: CHi Aviation Apr/Jun 2014

    Helimax Aviation N948CH: 22may15 at Orangevale, CA

    at McClellan, CA

    25mar17 seen on a trailer going north on US93 near Bagd+

    at Camden, NSW, Australia

    12feb18 firefighting in Australia during the Australian+

    at Camden, NSW, Australia

    at Bernardo O'Higgins Airport, Chillan, Chile

    firefighting in southern Chile
    M.3357     N949CH: May14 purchased by Construction Helicopters as part of the G+
    US Army Aviation 90-00205: US Army 90-0205/00205 cnvt. from ex CH-47C 69-17125; 20+

    Helimax Aviation N949CH: 03mar17 at McClellan Airfield, Sacramento, CA
    M.3459 1993     N950CH: CHI Aviation at Howell, MI from Jul17
    US Army Aviation 93-0932: ex RAAF CH-47C A15-010 BuNo 73-21979

    US Army 93-00932 2006 C/193rd AVN. HI ArNG

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