Del'd: 12 - 1970 to present

Bell 206
chile Armada de Chile

Chilean Navy

Armada de Chile 206

First 4 acquired in 1970 for Antisubmarine Squadron 1 (HS-1) fitted with Mk44 torpedo and named SH-57. In 1977 this role was assume by the new Alouette III and the Bell 206 were rerolled to SAR and training and renamed UH-57B. More arrived from 1978 (two from Army). The helicopters are used by Utility Squadron 1 (HU-1) and deployed for search and rescue to beaches during the summer.

In 2018, proyecto Gaviota (Seagull Program) was launch to acquire 5 new helicopters as their replacement. Main contenders are the Bell 407GXP, Airbus H125 and Leonardo AW119Kx Koala

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1994-    HU-1 Viña del Mar
1970/94HA-1 Viña del Mar
El Belloto closed 1993


DDG County class
FF Condell class

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
494 206a 31 Naval d/d 1970. Bell 206AS (SH-57 type)
495 w/o 1982 206a 32 Naval d/d 1970. Bell 206AS (SH-57 type). w/o 01jun82
1706 206b-2 1975 32 Naval d/d 1995; Jan 2000 picture at La Serena guarding vacationers
Air Logistics N154AL: Air Logistics, to Chile
496 w/o unknown 206a 33 Naval d/d 1970. Bell 206AS (SH-57 type). w/o unk
1592 206b-2 33 Naval d/d 1998
497 w/o 1975 206a 34 Naval d/d 1970. Bell 206AS (SH-57 type). w/o 17sep75
444 206a 1969 35 d/d 1979. ex E-151
Bell Helicopter N2225W: Bell 206A, cn444, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2225W,...
596 206a 36 d/d 1979. ex E-152. crash 29dec04. repaired. w/o 17feb07
1700 206b-2 1975 37 Naval d/d 1981. dam 12jul00. repaired
Air Logistics N156AL: Air Logistics, to Chiel
3401 206b-3 38 Naval d/d 1981. preserved gate guardian airport vina del mar
5016 th-57a ach? Naval d/d 06jul98. ex BuNo 157370. spares ?
US Navy 157370: to Chile
5040 th-57a ach? Naval d/d 06jul98. ex BuNo 157394. spares ?
US Navy 157394: E-38. to Chile
596 206a E-152 xfer Chilean Navy as E-152, [ntu]

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