Del'd: 6 - 1959 to 1962

Sikorsky HH-34F Seahorse
usa US Coast Guard

US Coast Guard HH-34F Seahorse

The Sikorsky HUS-1G Seahorse (later HH-34F) replaced the HO4S-1G (Sikorsky S-55). No further airframes were acquired after Sikorsky new turbine-powered HH-52s became available.

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List of Aircraft

C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
58-985 1332 USCG
Air America H-17: aug63
- 1332: RLAF, 25may64
58-1043 w/o 1960 1333 USCG
58-1049 w/o 1963 1334 USCG; preserved at Military Aviation Museum, Clearwater Florida
Air America H-16: aug63
58-1056 1335 USCG
Air America H-18: aug63
- 1335: RLAF
58-1063 w/o 1962 1336 USCG; w/o 29nov62 crashed into water in Gulf of Mexico while hovering near a ves...
58-1068 1343 USCG
58-1049 w/o 1963 H-16 w/o 27oct63
Air America H-16: aug63

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