Sikorsky S-61 H-3
usa Croman Corp

1980 to present

Croman Corp S-61 H-3

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61-210 hss-2 Croman; ex 149933
United States Naval Aviation 149933: USN; conv HH-3A; to civ

- : 13sep15 at White City, Oregon disassembled in yard
61-016 hss-2 Croman Corp 1996-2011, spares
United States Naval Aviation 148038: USN HSS-2 148038 d/d HS-1 18sep62; Oct62 redesig SH-3A;+


conv to UH-3A, 28mar72

to Pax Museum

- : Clayton International at Georgia from 2011
61-215 hss-2 Croman; ex 150620
United States Naval Aviation 150620: HC-1 /UP-721

Aug91 SH-3G type HC-1 /UP-720

USN; conv SH-3G; to civ
61-083 hss-2 1962     N1043T: Croman Corp from 1982
United States Naval Aviation 149009: USN HSS-2 (Sikorsky S-61B); xfer USAF as CH-3A 62-12571

US Air Force 62-12571: USAF CH-3A, ex HHS-2 type; xfer 551st EWCW Otis AFB, M+
61-161 ch-3b 1962     N1048Y: Croman d/d 1987; ex 62-12576; 2004 preserved Allentown, Quee+
US Air Force 62-12576: Sikorsky S-61A, c/n 61-161, ff?; del USAF as CH-3B 62-1+
61-300 sh-3a     N107WK: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Dec19
United States Naval Aviation 152107: USN; 1967 SH-3A type as /55 with HS-5/CVSG-54 USS Esse+

HS-11 /AB-615, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, be+

1989 SH-3H type HS-1 ./AR-451

US Department of State N434PL: US Department of State Jun11-Dec17

US Department of State N107WK: US Department of State Dec17-Dec19; auctioned off GSA b+
61-326 sh-3a     N131WL: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Oct19
United States Naval Aviation 152131: USN; conv SH-3H; 22mar86 pictured as /AA-616 HS-3 with +

US Department of State N131WL: State Dept Dec10-Oct19
61-523 ch-3c 1964     N308SE: Croman from Apr08
US Air Force 63-9691: USAF CH-3C d/d 05Sep64; conv CH-3E; 17Aug76-03Oct78 a+

04jul68 conv to CH-3E type

US Coast Guard 9691: CG 9691 was stationed at Air/Sta Traverse City from 198+

09oct91 pictured (pic1) at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

State of California N308SB: SBSD San Bernardino County Sheriff Dept c 2001 -2008; s+
61-425 S-61L 1968     N346AA: w/o 02aug02 at Wendle Creek, BC. 2 fatalities
New York Airways N617PA: PanAm (operated by New York Airways), test serial N6961+

pictured at New York JFK airport

Okanagan Helicopters C-GJDK: Okanagan Helicopters canc Jun83, N144EH ntu

Okanagan Helicopters Feb84-Dec89

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDK: Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Feb93

Canadian Helicopters Mar96-May99

- N425HL: HeavyLift Helicopters 1994-1995
61-361 S-61N 1966     N408FS: Croman Corp from Feb19; flown from Melbourne, FL to White C+
Helikopter Service LN-ORH: Helikopter Service, to EC-115


Maritime Safety Agency EC-FMZ: SASEMAR, pictured (pic1)

Carson Helicopters N408FS: Carson Apr/Jun 2010, N611HU ntu; conv to S-61T Triton

EP Aviation N408FS: EP Aviation Jun10-Jan19

at FOB Shank, Afghanistan

18may16 picture (pic2) at FOB Dahlke, Afghanistan

This aircraft was never converted to an S-61T; It fle+
61-772 s61n.mk2 1977     N408UD: Croman Corp from Feb19; flown from Melbourne, FL to White C+
British Airways Helicopters G-BEWM: British Airways Sep77-1986

British International Helicopters G-BEWM: BIH 1986-Jan93

at Schipol Amsterdam in basic British International li+

Brintel Helicopters G-BEWM: Brintel Jan93-Dec99

CHC South Africa ZS-RLK: CHC Africa from 2000

EP Aviation N408UD: EP Aviation 2010-Jan19

2012 in Afghanistan
61-764 S-61N 1977     N408WC: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Mar19
Helikopter Service LN-OQM: Sikorsky S-61N-68 reg D-HOSA ntu; WIKING d/d 11Apr77

Helikopter Service, noted Aug04

Air Greenland OY-HGZ: Air Greenland, noted Aug06

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FUBW: CHC May08-Apr10

Carson Helicopters N408WC: Carson Helicopters Inc at Grants Pass, OR May10-Jan11

EP Aviation N408WC: EP Aviation at Wood Dale, IL Jan11-Dec17

EP Aviation N835AR: EP Aviation at Wood Dale, IL Dec17-Mar19
61-749 S-61N 1975     N410GH: Croman from Mar19
Sikorsky Helicopters N6228: Sikorsky S-61N-54, to N36UT

- N36UT: to N5074L

Air Logistics N5074L: Air Logistics ?, to C-GROH

Okanagan Helicopters C-GROH: Okanagan Helicopters at Richmond, BC 1979-Jun86; 1983 l+

VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HTA: VOTEC Taxi Aereo Apr89

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GROH: Canadian Helicopters Ltd at Richmond, BC Jun90-Jan91

Brunei Shell Petroleum V8-BSP: Brunei Shell Petroleum 1991-2007 ?

Carson Helicopters N410GH: Carson Helicopters Sep07-Feb09

EP Aviation N410GH: EP Aviation Feb09-Mar19
61-306 sh-3a     N434NL: Croman
United States Naval Aviation 152113: US Navy; 1989 SH-3H type HS-1 ./AR-441

USN; conv SH-3H; 15 to 9H0079/AMARC; 2003 Stricken from+

US Department of State N434NL: State Dept June 2011

US Department of State N113WK: State Dept June11-Dec19
61-649 ch-3e     N461R: ex USAF 69-5805
US Air Force 69-5805: USAF; conv HH-3E; to civ N461R
61-038 hss-2     N611CK: Croman Corp from 2003
United States Naval Aviation 148966: USN; 1980 pictured as /NL-720 HS-8 CVW-15 USS Kitty Haw+

as SH-3H with HS-10 at NAS North Island, CA
61-130 hss-2     N612CK: Croman Corp from 2003
United States Naval Aviation 149713: USN; conv SH-3H; 1994 AMARC/9H0085; to civ
61-302 sh-3a     N613CK: Croman Corp from Feb03; firefighting; 17jul09 flipped onto i+
United States Naval Aviation 152109: USN; conv to SH-3H; 24apr88 pictured as /AC-610 HS-7 on+

1989 SH-3H type HS-9./AJ-615
61-715 S-61N 1974     N614CK: Nov18 asg to support Croman Corp’s operations at the US Na+
Sikorsky Helicopters N53094: Sikorsky S-61N-44

Helikopter Service LN-OSJ: Helikopter Services from 01Feb74; 1999 rebrand CHC Hel+

Coulson Aircrane C-FLHA: Coulson Aircrane Sep/Nov 2006
61-827 s61n.mk2 1980     N616CK: Croman Apr07-2015?; 2008 all grey livery; 2009 yellow/red l+
Bristow G-BHOH: Bristow Apr80-Mar07; 23apr00 pictured at Wicken Park Fa+

EP Aviation N806AR: EP Aviation Dec15-Nov19

Construction Helicopters Inc N806AR: Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from Nov19
61-454 S-61L 1972     N618CK: Croman Corp from Apr13
Sikorsky Helicopters N4023S: Sikorsky S-61L, c/n 61-454, ff?; del US as N4023S, unk;+

British International Helicopters G-BCEB: BIH Oct74-Jan93

BIH May00-Mar13

seen flying from Penzance

Normally based in Penzance. At Plymouth December 2004. +

06 pictured (bot) at Penzance Heliport

Sep12 has not been at Penzance for aprox two years comp+

Brintel Helicopters G-BCEB: Brintel Jan93-May00

pictured (top) at St Marys Airport, Isles Of Scilly
61-474 s61n.mk2 1970     N61NH: 07:30 hs at bracket field airport, la Verne, CA
- LN-OQL: Helikoptertransport Norway, noted 1971

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SSS: MHS, noted 2003

EP Aviation N61NH: EP Aviation Apr10-Jan19; N827AR ntu
61-762 s61n.mk2 1977     N623CK: Croman from Oct15
KLM helikopters PH-NZI: Sikorsky S-61N-65; KLM Noordzee Helikopters d/d 16Mar77

British Caledonian Helicopter G-BHPU: British Caledonian Helicopters Apr80-Feb83, rtn PH-NZI

Cougar Helicopters C-GYCH: Cougar Helicopters Dec90-Feb11

1997 appear in Titanic movie

The helicopter from Titanic was flying the KLM colors

It was owned by cougar helicopters during Titanic still+

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GYCH: VIH Helicopters Feb/Apr 2011

- : Aug14-Mar15, sold Sikorsky S61N 1977 Utility Helicopte+

Omni Taxi Aereo PR-HRV: HRT Netherlands Apr11 op by Omni
61-216 S-61N 1963     N625CK: Croman Corp from Dec16
Sikorsky Helicopters N653X: Sikorsky S-61N 1963, to AP-AOB

Pakistan International Airlines - PIA AP-AOB: Pakistan International Airlines 1963-1968

BEA G-AWFX: BEA Apr68-1986

pictured (pic1) at Shell Base Lowestoft

British Airways Helicopters G-AWFX: noted at Aberdeen EGPD

British International Helicopters G-AWFX: BIH 1986-May88, to Canada as unk

Carson Helicopters N7011M: Carson Helicopters Jun06-Aug10, conv Carson Fire King

US Department of State N7011M: State Dept from Aug10

US Department of State N216WW: US State Dep from Sep10

12jul16 GSA Auction picture (pic2) on sale 91QSCI161821+
61-220 s61n.mk2 1963     N626CK: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Dec16; It is used for wi+
BEA G-ASNL: BEA Dec63-Jul68; pictured (pic1) at Shell Base Lowesto+

Schreiner Airways PH-SBH: Schreiner Northsea Helicopters Aug/Oct 1969, lsd

British Airways Helicopters G-ASNL: BAH Oct69-Oct83

11mar83 pictured (pic2) after ditched in the North Sea,+

Carson Helicopters N4503E: Nov83 to USA unk

Carson, noted 1991

US Department of State N220WW: State Dept Nov10-2016

12jul16 GSA Auction on sale with N216WW. To be confirm+
61-824 s61n.mk2 1980     N627CK: Croman Corp from Sep16; training at Yuma by
Bristow G-BHOF: Bristow Feb80-Apr94, to LN-ONK

Bristow Jun95-Jul99

- LN-ONK: May94-May95

- G-LAWS: Laws Helicopters Ltd Jul99-Nov04

Air Harrods Ltd G-DAWS: Air Harrods Nov04-May06

British International Helicopters G-VIPZ: BIH May06-Jun09

flew on this to Tresco Island, Isles of Scilly. After +

- G-VIPZ: Heli Med Ltd Jun09-Jun10

US Department of State N824WA: US State Dept Jan11-Sep16, also as N408SC
61-751 s61n.mk2 1975     N629CK: Croman Corp from Dec16
Bristow G-BDIJ: Bristow Oct75-May83, to Malaysia

Bristow Malaysia 9M-AYF: Bristow Malaysia May83-Jun84, back to G-BDIJ

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-BDIJ: HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; pictured; based at Lee-+

US Department of State N436LC: State Dept from Oct10, rereg N751AW

US Department of State N751AW: Baghdad, Iraq

seen flying along the coast adjacent to RAF Akrotiri, +

07jul15 at Coventry City, UK

12jul16 GSA Auction on sale with N216WW. To be confirm+
61-439 sh-3d     N692CC: Croman; ex 156493
United States Naval Aviation 156493: US Navy; Aug91 SH-3D type HC-1 /UP-756

USN; 1995 to civ
61-088 hss-2     N694CC: Croman Corp at White City, Oregon from 1995, ex 149679
United States Naval Aviation 149679: USN; conv SH-3G; 28mar82 pictured as HC-1 /UP COMSEVEN+

Aug91 SH-3G type HC-1 /UP-723
61-366 sh-3d     N703WK: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Dec19
United States Naval Aviation 152703: USN; conv SH-3H; 12sep95 to 9H0098/AMARC; 08jan03 Stric+

US Department of State N434SF: State Dept Jun11-Dec19

March 2012 with Sikorsky aircraft
61-153 hss-2     N735WS: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Dec19
United States Naval Aviation 149735: USN; conv SH-3H; 1992 as /AA-611 HS-9 on USS Saratoga (+

US Department of State N735WS: US Department of State Aug10-Dec19; conv to S-61T; Apr1+
61-222 S-61N 1964     N804AR: Croman Corp at White City, OR from Apr19
New York Airways N307Y: Sikorsky S-61N-3; New York Airways, Sikorsky serial N30+

State of California N307Y: SFO Airlines 196?-1971; San Francisco Oakland Airlines

British International Helicopters G-BEIC: BIH Dec76-Jan93

Brintel Helicopters G-BEIC: Brintel leasing Jan93-May94; Brintel Helicopters May94-+

CHC Scotia G-BEIC: CHC Scotia Aug00-Nov01

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GROV: CHC Nov01-Jan02

CHC Sep/Dec 2003, again Feb04-Jan06

- YV-1033C: Venezuela Feb02-Aug03, lsd CHC

Helijet International C-GBSF: Executive Transport Airways Ltd Jan06-Jun08; Helijet in+

Coulson Aircrane C-GBSF: Coulson Apr10-May12

EP Aviation N804AR: EP Aviation Jun12-Apr19; conv to S-61T ?

61-703 S-61N 1972     N9119S: Croman ?-1997
Bristow G-BAKC: Bristow Dec72-Apr87, to France as unk

- C-FHCH: D.K. Heli-Cropper at Mt Lehman BC, Mar-Nov 1997

Coulson Aircrane C-GJQE: Coulson 2011

EP Aviation N9119S: Oct13 with EP Aviation in Afghanistan

EP Aviation N807AR: EP Aviation Apr15-May19

15jun15 at Kingsland, GA

Construction Helicopters Inc N807AR: Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from May19

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