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    netherlands Koninklijke Luchtmacht

    Royal Netherlands Air Force

    Del'd: 13 - 1996 to present

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    M.4101     D-101: KLU from 1998 298Sqn. ; 2006 tdy Kandahar IAP. ATF ISAF
    Boeing Helicopters N2067F: Boeing toward D-101
    M.4102     D-102: KLU 298Sqn.
    Boeing Helicopters N2067H: Boeing toward D-102
    M.4103     D-103: KLU; 28+29may05 298Sqn. at Deelen "Landmachtdagen" army days
    Boeing Helicopters N2067M: Boeing toward D-103
    M.4104 1998     D-104: CH-47D also known by mfg as M4104. Ex N2069A, d/d 11 Sep 199+
    Boeing Helicopters N2069A: Boeing toward D-104
    M.4105     D-105: KLU 298Sqn; w/o 27Jul05 Afghanistan during a two aircraft ni+
    Boeing Helicopters N2069S: Boeing toward D-105
    M.4106     D-106: 2010 298Sqn. participated in Tac Blaze 10-1
    Boeing Helicopters N7424E: Boeing toward D-106
    M.3661     D-661: NL001. d/d aug93. BuNo 93-0661. B-725. ex CAF 147003. Ethiop+
    M.3662     D-662: KLU 298Sqn. cnvt. from ex CAF CH147 147004 Lady Liberty
    D-662: asg MINUSMA in Mali
    M.3663     D-663: KLU d/d 08mar96, 298Sqn, conv from ex CAF CH147 147005
    M.3664     D-664: tdy Kandahar IAP. ATF ISAF.
    M.3665     D-665: NL005. BuNo 93-0665. ex CAF 147007
    M.3666     D-666: KLU from 1996 ex CAF 147008
    M.3667 1978     D-667: KLU d/d 02mar96, ex CAF 147009

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