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    usa ERA Helicopters

    2005 to present

    ERA Helicopters AW119 Koala

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    14520 2006     N119JA: ERA Helicopters Mar/Apr 2007, to EC-KEE
    Heliduero EC-KEE: Heliduero, to FAASA

    Pegasus Aero Group EC-KEE: FAASA, to Chile

    FAASA Chile CC-ABY: FAASA Chile; w/o 15jan17 during firefighting between Qu+
    14504 2005     N126RD: ERA Helicopters Mar06
    14533 2007     N149JM: ERA Helicopters Mar08-Dec13
    Pegasus Aero Group EC-LZH: FAASA 2014
    14535 2007     N203JP: ERA Helicopters from Mar08
    14510 2006     N330JN: ERA Helicopters from Aug06
    14701 aw119ke 2007     N514RE: ERA Helicopters Mar08
    14528 2007     N602FB: ERA Helicopters from Jul07
    14742 aw119ke 2009     N624RL: ERA Helicopters at Lake Charles, LA Sep/Dec 2009
    AgustaWestland USA N624RL: Agusta Aerospace Corp May09

    - N624RL: Cannon Aviation Group Inc at Georgetown, TX Jan10-Oct10

    - RA-01908: Russian from Oct10; Dec15 pictured on sale; w/o 30dec18+
    14716 aw119ke 2008     N626JP: ERA Helicopters Nov08-Dec11
    Pegasus Aero Group EC-LPK: FAASA 2012, ex N626JP
    14713 aw119ke 2008     N628RL: ERA Helicopters from Sep08
    14525     N630WB: ERA Helicopters July 2007 for export
    - N43TG: to N630WB

    Pegasus Aero Group EC-KII: FAASA firefighting Aug07
    14516 2006     N715RT: ERA Helicopters from Jan07
    14711 aw119ke 2008     N802SM: ERA Helicopters from Jun08
    14519 2006     N915BE: ERA Helicopters from Jan07
    14530 2007     N916PB: ERA Helicopters at Lake Charles, LA Sep/Nov 2007
    AgustaWestland USA N916PB: Agusta Aerospace Corp Mar/Sep 2007

    - N916PB: Cannon Aviation Group at Georgetown, TX Nov07-Mar08

    - UP-AW901: Kazakhstan from Apr08

    Oct/Nov 2016 for sale Agusta AW119 Koala 2007
    14745 2009     N920JD: ERA Helicopters from Oct09
    14517 2006     N927JK: Era Helicopter at Lake Charles, LA from Jan07; Era Helicopte+
    AgustaWestland USA N927JK: Agusta Aerospace Corp, PA Aug06

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