Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma
spain Ejercito del Aire

Spanish Air Force

Del'd: 18 - 1981 to present


  • Ejercito del Aire AS332 Super Puma
  • Ejercito del Aire AS332 Super PumaIn Afghanistan with ISAF
  • Ejercito del Aire AS332 Super Puma1200 CasEvac (Dustoff) sorties for ISAF in Afghanistan 2005-2013

Six airframes fitted as VIP transports and the rest in the SAR (Search and Rescue) role. Additional units listed under Eurocopter Cougar

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1983/94Escuadron 801 Son San Juan
1981/    Escuadron 402 Cuatro Vientos
1981/    Escuadron 802 Gando
1981/    Escuadron 803AF Herat
Cuatro Vientos

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    2093 as332b     ?: Ejercito del Aire from 2017; conv H215 for SAR 801 / 802 Squ+
French Air Force 2093: AdlA; 1982-1998 ETOM 82 at Mururoa

1998 based at BA114 Aix les Milles at return of Tahiti

5jun05 Istres air show unit unknown./PP

Oct11 pictured (pic1) as /PP

May15 asg EH01.044 /PP

Sep15 pictured (pic2) as /PP with Santé Armées (Servi+
    2039 as332b     HD.21-1: EdA 802-01. Escuadron 802 w/o 05nov92
    2076 as332b     HD.21-10: EdA 802-04
    2345 as332b     HD.21-11: EdA; 2005 AS332B1 type as 803Esc 803-11, Ala48
    2354 as332b     HD.21-12: EdA; 2006 803Esc 803-12
    2057 as332b     HD.21-15: Ejercito del Aire from 2017; conv H215 for SAR 801 / 802 Sq+
French Air Force 2057: AdlA /PO; 1982-1998 asg ETOM 82 at Mururoa

Aug11 pictured (top) during overhaul at Heli-Union, Par+

23jun12 pictured (middle and bot) on static display at +

14jul13 EH01.044 /PO flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 20+
    2244 as332L1     HD.21-17: Ejercito del Aire from 2017; conv H215 for SAR 801 / 802 Squ+
French Air Force 2244: 1989 to 1998 was in the flight of ETOM 82 at Mururoa

AdlA from Sep09 /PM; 14jul10 EH05.067./PM (wears ETOM00+

14jul14 asg EH01.044./PM flew in parade Quatorze Juille+

07mar16 asg EH01.044 pictured training in a Seine floo+
    2054 as332b     HD.21-2: EdA 803-2; 25jul10 pictured (top) during the V Festival Aere+
    2031 as332b     HD.21-3: EdA 803Esc 803-3; Sept03 participated in exercise Volcanex 2+
    2035 as332b     HD.21-4: EdA 1982; 2016 802 Esc
    2051 as332b     HD.21-5: EdA. w/o 20sep85
    2055 as332b     HD.21-6: w/o 25sep07 803Esc in Badghis, Afghanistan
    2062 as332b     HD.21-7: EdA 1982; 802 Esc; w/o 22oct15 40m SW off Dakhla, Morocco. 3+
    2065 as332b     HD.21-8: EdA 1982; Sep16 still 802 Esc
    2066 as332b     HD.21-9: 2003 803 Esc 803-9; Sep16 still
    2068 as332b     HT.21-01: 05/08Oct15 as /803-13 at TLP 2015-3 in Albacete
    2081 as332b     HT.21-02: 05/08Oct15 as 803-14 at TLP 2015-3 in Albacete
    2068 as332b     HT.21-1: EdA 402-10 VIP; conv to SAR
    2081 as332b     HT.21-2: EdA 402-11 VIP; conv to SAR
    2326 as332m1     HT.21A-1: EdA 402-20 VIP
    2329 as332m1 1993     HT.21A-2: EdA 402-21 VIP from Oct93
    2362 as332m1     HT.21A-3: EdA 402-22 VIP
    2370 as332m1     HT.21A-4: EdA 402-23 VIP; Aerospatiale/Eurocopter c/n limit

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