AgustaWestland AW119 Koala
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FAASA AW119 Koala

FAASA Group is one of the largest operators of this model in the world. Four AW119Ke special fitted for fire-fighting missions delivered in 2010. Some operated by Heliduero and others by FAASA Chile

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Activists Destroyed Helicopters During Pope’s Chile visit, 17-Jan-18 : Mapuche activists destroyed 3 helicopters in protest for Pope Francis visit to Chile

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14520 2006     EC-KEE: FAASA, to Chile
ERA Helicopters N119JA: ERA Helicopters Mar/Apr 2007, to EC-KEE

Heliduero EC-KEE: Heliduero, to FAASA

FAASA Chile CC-ABY: FAASA Chile; w/o 15jan17 during firefighting between Qu+
14525     EC-KII: FAASA firefighting Aug07
- N43TG: to N630WB

ERA Helicopters N630WB: ERA Helicopters July 2007 for export
14727 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZT: FAASA ex N106YS
AgustaWestland USA N106YS: A.A.C. toward EC-KZT
14728 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZU: FAASA from April/May 2009 ex N107YS
AgustaWestland USA N107YS: A.A.C. toward EC-KZU
14729 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZV: FAASA from April/May 2009 ex N108YS
AgustaWestland USA N108YS: A.A.C. toward EC-KZV
14730 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZX: FAASA from Apr09
AgustaWestland USA N109YS: AgustaWestland Philadelphia 2008

FAASA Chile EC-KZX: operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 16jan18 pictu+
14732 aw119ke     EC-LBQ: Faasa Aviación, noted Nov13
AgustaWestland USA N111YS: AgustaWestland, PA

Kaan Air TC-HKO: Kaan Air; power lines inspections

16jun17 at resort city Antalya
14749 aw119ke     EC-LFM: FAASA; to CC-ACU
Heliduero CC-ACU: Heliduero
14754 aw119ke 2009     EC-LFN: FAASA
AgustaWestland USA N207YS: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Jan10

Heliduero EC-LFN: Heliduero

FAASA Chile CC-ACT: operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 16jan18 pictur+
14716 aw119ke 2008     EC-LPK: FAASA 2012, ex N626JP
ERA Helicopters N626JP: ERA Helicopters Nov08-Dec11
14529 2007     EC-LQB: FAASA
AgustaWestland USA N65TG: AgustaWestland, PA Mar07

- N65TG: Milltown Helicopter Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Aug07+

FAASA Chile EC-LQB: operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 17jan18 destro+
14783 aw119ke 2012     EC-LRC: FAASA Aviacion from Mar12
AgustaWestland USA N308YS: AgustaWestland, PA, canc Mar12

FAASA Chile EC-LRC: Mar14 at FIDAE 2014, Santiago Chile. AMI HH-139A 15-41 +

27mar14 pictured (bot) at Santiago during FIDAE 2014
14784 aw119ke 2012     EC-LRD: FAASA Aviacion from Mar12
AgustaWestland USA N309YS: AgustaWestland, PA, canc Mar12
14533 2007     EC-LZH: FAASA 2014
ERA Helicopters N149JM: ERA Helicopters Mar08-Dec13
14736 aw119ke     EC-MEM: Jul17 firefighter for INFOCA op by FAASA
AgustaWestland USA N223SM: AgustaWestland, PA

INAER EC-LGR: INAER; 05jan14 at Muchamiel

Kaan Air TC-HKZ: Kaan Air, noted Jan15

INAER EC-MEM: INAER by Mar17, to be confirmed

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