AgustaWestland AW119 Koala
spain Pegasus Aero Group


Pegasus Aero Group AW119 Koala

FAASA Group is one of the largest operators of this model in the world. Four AW119Ke special fitted for fire-fighting missions delivered in 2010. Some operated by Heliduero and others by FAASA Chile

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Activists Destroyed Helicopters During Pope’s Chile visit, 17-Jan-18 : Mapuche activists destroyed 3 helicopters in protest for Pope Francis visit to Chile

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

14520 2006     EC-KEE: FAASA, to Chile
ERA Helicopters N119JA: ERA Helicopters Mar/Apr 2007, to EC-KEE

Heliduero EC-KEE: Heliduero, to FAASA

FAASA Chile CC-ABY: FAASA Chile; w/o 15jan17 during firefighting between Qu+
14525     EC-KII: FAASA firefighting Aug07
- N43TG: to N630WB

ERA Helicopters N630WB: ERA Helicopters July 2007 for export
14727 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZT: FAASA ex N106YS
AgustaWestland USA N106YS: A.A.C. toward EC-KZT
14728 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZU: FAASA from April/May 2009 ex N107YS
AgustaWestland USA N107YS: A.A.C. toward EC-KZU
14729 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZV: FAASA from April/May 2009 ex N108YS
AgustaWestland USA N108YS: A.A.C. toward EC-KZV
14730 aw119ke 2008     EC-KZX: FAASA from Apr09
AgustaWestland USA N109YS: AgustaWestland Philadelphia

FAASA Chile EC-KZX: operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 16jan18 pictu+
14732 aw119ke     EC-LBQ: Faasa Aviación, noted Nov13
AgustaWestland USA N111YS: AgustaWestland, PA

Kaan Air TC-HKO: Kaan Air; power lines inspections

16jun17 at resort city Antalya
14749 aw119ke     EC-LFM: FAASA; to CC-ACU
Heliduero CC-ACU: Heliduero
14754 aw119ke 2009     EC-LFN: FAASA
AgustaWestland USA N207YS: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Jan10

Heliduero EC-LFN: Heliduero

FAASA Chile CC-ACT: operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 16jan18 pictur+
14716 aw119ke 2008     EC-LPK: FAASA 2012, ex N626JP
ERA Helicopters N626JP: ERA Helicopters Nov08-Dec11
14529 2007     EC-LQB: FAASA
AgustaWestland USA N65TG: AgustaWestland, PA Mar07

- N65TG: Milltown Helicopter Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Aug07+

FAASA Chile EC-LQB: operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 17jan18 destro+
14783 aw119ke 2012     EC-LRC: FAASA Aviacion from Mar12
AgustaWestland USA N308YS: AgustaWestland, PA, canc Mar12

FAASA Chile EC-LRC: Mar14 at FIDAE 2014, Santiago Chile. AMI HH-139A 15-41 +

pictured (bot) at Santiago during FIDAE 2014
14784 aw119ke 2012     EC-LRD: FAASA Aviacion from Mar12
AgustaWestland USA N309YS: AgustaWestland, PA, canc Mar12
14533 2007     EC-LZH: FAASA 2014
ERA Helicopters N149JM: ERA Helicopters Mar08-Dec13
14736 aw119ke     EC-MEM: Jul17 firefighter for INFOCA op by FAASA
AgustaWestland USA N223SM: AgustaWestland, PA

INAER EC-LGR: INAER; at Muchamiel

Kaan Air TC-HKZ: Kaan Air, noted Jan15

INAER EC-MEM: INAER by Mar17, to be confirmed

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