NH Industries NH90 NFH
france Aéronautique Navale

French Navy

2010 to present


  • Aéronautique Navale NH90 NFH
  • Aéronautique Navale NH90 NFH

The NH90 NFH Caiman replaced the Super Frelon and Lynx and entered operational service in the Marine Nationale on December 8, 2011. At the time 5 of the 27 on order were already delivered. 13 of them will have a rear loading ramp, allowing them to carry out combat assault missions. The other 14 will be used in the antisubmarine role.
First NH-90 (to specification Etandard 1) delivered to 10S on 5 May 2010. All airframes will arrive at 10S, before being issued to either 31F or 33F after rigorous flight testing. The 4th delivery from NH was also the first to specification Etandard 2.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2012/    31F d'Hyeres Le Palyvestre
2011/    33F Lanvéoc-Poulmic
2010/    10S d'Hyeres Le Palyvestre


DDG Horizon class
FF Aquitaine class

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1018     1: 1018/NFRS001; Marine Nationale
Eurocopter France F-ZWTO: Eurocopter; to FN as 1
    1252     10: FN 31F Jun14, test serial F-XHFJ;
    1278     11: FN, test serial F-XHFK; Mar14 33F
    1300     12: FN, test serial F-XHFL, F-ZWCF; Jun15 33F; pictured
    1301     13: FN, test serial F-XHFM, F-ZKBS
    1302     14: FN d/d 17jul15, test serial F-XHFN
    1303 2015     15: FN d/d 21sep15 , test serial F-XHFO
    1304     16: FN d/d Feb16, test serial F-XHFP, F-ZKBD
    1339     17: FN from Jun16 10S; 24jun16 d/d 31F
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZKBL: Airbus Helicopters France, test serial F-XHFQ
    1340     18: FN Jul17
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZKBU: Airbus Helicopters France; Jun16 at Marignane
    1341     19: FN Jul17
    1020     2: 1020/NFRS002; FN d/d Jun 2010
    1342     20: FN Mar18
    1343     21: FN
    1055     3: FN; 2011 10S/CEPA
    1075 2010     4: 19jun11 pictured (pic1) with 10S/CEPA at static meeting Aeri+
    1093     5: FN 33F Mar13, test serial F-XHFE
    1163     6: FN; 2011 10S/CEPA
    1181     7: FN; Oct11 seen as F-ZWDG w 1181 paper
    1243     8: FN, test serial F-ZWDF; Jun16 33F
    1251     9: FN, test serial F-ZWBT

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