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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

30687 1975     C-FBUC: Great Slave Helicopters from Feb14
Bristow Bermuda VR-BFP: Bristow Bermuda, to 9Y-TFA

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TFA: Bristow Caribbean, to G-BWBP

Bristow Caribbean from Nov97

Bristow G-BWBP: Bristow Apr/Jun 1995, to Spain

Bristow Nov95-Oct97

- EC-GCT: Spain Jul/Oct 1995 as EC-891

- XA-TQG: Mexico, to C-FBUC

Eagle Copters C-FBUC: Eagle Copters Oct04-Jun07, conv to Single Engine

- C-GDAA: 2007-2013
30966 1979     C-FJAD: Great Slave Helicopters Ltd at Yellowknife, NT Jun04-May19
Eastern General Aviation B-7707: Eastern General Aviation, ex B-727

Eagle Copters C-GZNA: Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd Sep03-Apr04

Blackcomb Helicopters C-FJAD: Blackcomb Helicopters from May19
30787 1976     C-FNOU: Great Slave Helicopters from Apr11; Sahtu Helicopters
Republic of Singapore Air Force 211: RSAF d/d 1977; Jun89 to UK

- G-BRDY: RCR Aviation Jun/Aug 1989

- N2118X: Insured Aircraft Nov89-Jun90

Bristow G-BSOA: Bristow Jun90-Jan91

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AXX: Bristow Nigeria 1992-2007

Eagle Copters C-FNOU: Eagle Copters May07-Jul08

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNOU: VIH Helicopters Dec10-Apr11
31280 1986     C-FTZW: Great Slave Helicopters Apr/Jun 2008
Bell Helicopter N3212D: Bell Helicopters, to Thailand

Royal Thai Army 31280: Thai Army, to HS-RFD

Thailand Government HS-RFD: 19dec05-13dec07 HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn

- C-FTZW: J and L Leasing Inc at Calgary, Alberta Jun/Aug 2008

Helicorp Pty Ltd VH-JJR: Helicorp Australia from 29aug08

Toll Group VH-JJR: Toll Group in Australia, noted Oct13. Appears to be for+

- VH-JJR: Heli-Serv Pty Ltd nov13

pictured (pic2) on display at the 2015 International A+

Professional Helicopter Services VH-JJR: Professional Helicopter Services Pty Ltd Oct16

Microflite VH-JJR: Microflite Pty Ltd Jul18
31300 1988     C-FUAA: Great Slave Helicopters Apr/Jun 2006
Royal Thai Army 31300: Thai Army, test serial N3212Y, to HS-RCH

Thailand Government HS-RCH: 19dec05-13dec07 HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, t+

- C-FUAA: J and L Leasing Inc at Calgary, Alberta Jun/Aug 2008

Helicorp Pty Ltd VH-JJK: Helicorp d/d 29aug08

Toll Group VH-JJK: Toll Group in Australia, noted Oct13. Appears to be for+

Jayrow Helicopters VH-JJK: Jayrow Helicopters Oct13-?; Exported to Canada Oct18

pictured at Albury Airport. Helitack 339

Blackcomb Helicopters C-FWBW: Blackcomb Helicopters from Feb19
30934 1979     C-GBBP: GSH Jun10-Jun17
Heliservicio XA-IUS: Campeche, to N68AL

Air Logistics N68AL: Air Logistics from Mar96, to Colombia

- HK-4087X: Colombia, to Ecuador

- HC-CAY: Ecuador, rtn to US

Air Logistics N68AL: Air Logistics Sep/Dec 2002

Heliservicio XA-TVM: Campeche ? 2003, to Peru

- OB-1847-P: Peru, to C-GBBP

Eagle Copters C-GBBP: Eagle Copters Jun/Sep 2017

- N373PA: Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM from Sep17
31139     C-GDAO: Great Slave Helicopters; ex ZK-HNO
Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNO: New Zealand Helicopters; to VH-BQH

- VH-BQH: ex ZK-HNO; to C-GDAO
30931 1979     C-GEEC: 212 Eagle Single Great Slave Helicopters from Sep09, conv to Single Engine
- JA9539: to B-12118

- B-12118: rtn to JA9539

Mexico Government XC-JBB: Mexico, ex JA9539, to XA-SSM

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SSM: SAEMSA, ex XC-JBB, to C-GAEO

- N98789: Dec96-Jan97, rtn C-GAEO

- C-GAEO: ?, to EC-GOR

- EC-GOR: Spain unk

Tasman Helicopters C-GEEC: Tasman Helicopters, noted 2003-2004
30576 1973     C-GEZO: Great Slave Helicopters Aug07-Jun17
- N83179: to CF-TCQ

Okanagan Helicopters C-FTCQ: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977

Okanagan Helicopters 1985-Sep89

Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNG: Helicopters NZ, noted May88

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FTCQ: Canadian Helicopters Sep89-May92

Eagle Copters C-GEZO: Eagle Copters Maintenance Jan/Jun 2007

Eagle Copters Jun/Aug 2017

- N374PA: Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM from Sep17
30741 1975     C-GGSM: Great Slave Helicopters Ltd at Yellowknife, NT Nov01-Apr11
- N49676: USA 1975

Eastern Shore Holdings Inc at Rehoboth Beach, DE May97-+

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GGSM: VIH Helicopters Ltd at North Saanich, BC Apr11-Jan13

Yellowhead Helicopters C-GGSM: Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd at Valemount, BC Mar13-Jan18

Yellowhead Helicopters C-GYHF: Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd at Valemount, BC from Jan18
32124 1980     C-GKTL: Great Slave Helicopters Apr95-Jun09
Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-BBX: Abu Dhabi Aviation, to C-GKTL

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GKTL: Canadian Helicopters Sep94-Mar95

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GKTL: VIH Helicopters Jun/Sep 2009
31113 1980     C-GSHC: Seabreeze Leasing Inc at Dwight, ON Feb/Jun 2013
ERA Helicopters N510EH: ERA Helicopters 1980-2005

ERA Helicopters May10-Feb13

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNCH: Canadian Helicopters Oct05-May10

- : Apr15-Aug17, sold Bell 212 HP 1980