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  • Eurocopter EC135
    spain Guardia Civil

    Spanish Military Police

    2005 to present

    Guardia Civil EC135

    Initial order for 31 EC 135P2. Most to be used on standard operations with 8 specialising in mountain work. First deliveries in 2004.

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    Spanish Ministry of the Interior sign contract for 12 EC135s, 04-Feb-10 : Albacete, Eurocopter and the Spanish Ministry of the Interior have signed a contract for the purchase of twelve EC135 P2i helicopters. Spain's National Police Force will operate six of the new aircraft for law enforcement missions, while the remaining six will join the current fleet of the Spanish Guardia Civil. One of this latter group of helicopters will be configured for mountain rescue missions.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2005/    UHEL Madrid Torrejon

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0191 ec135p2     HU.26-01: Guardia Civil 09-301; 30sep11 pictured at Festa al Cel 2011,+
    Eurocopter USA N476AE: American Eurocopter, to D-HECV

    Eurocopter Germany D-HECV: Eurocopter Germany, to G-79-06

    Eurocopter UK G-79-06: Eurocopter UK; EC-IKV ntu
    0888 ec135p2+ 2010     HU.26-02: Guardia Civil 09-302, test serial Albacete EC-091
    0876 ec135p2+ 2010     HU.26-03: 18aug11 pictured as 09-308 at Boltaña, Huesca
    0402 ec135p2     HU.26-04: Guardia Civil 09-302; Albacete test serial EC-066; 08oct10 +
    0358 ec135p2     HU.26-05: Guardia Civil 09-303, Albacete test serial EC-067
    0366 ec135p2     HU.26-06: Guardia Civil 09-304, Albacete test serial EC-068
    0547 ec135p2+     HU.26-08: Guardia Civil 09-305, Albacete test serial EC-033, Germany t+
    0588 ec135p2+     HU.26-09: Guardia Civil 09-306
    0636 ec135p2+ 2008     HU.26-13: Guardia Civil 09-307, Albacete test serial EC-030, Germany t+
    0725 ec135p2+ 2008     HU.26-14: Guardia Civil NTU, Albacete test serial EC-030, EC-033; di+
    Croatian Police 9A-HBB: Croatian Police
    0689 ec135p2+     HU.26-15: Guardia Civil 09-309. Test serial EC-032
    Croatian Police 9A-HBA: Croatian Police d/d Oct13, ex Spain Guardia Civil
    0923 ec135p2+     HU.26-16: Guardia Civil 09-310, test serial Albacete EC-030
    0960 ec135p2+     HU.26-17: Guardia Civil 09-311, test serial Albacete EC-038
    1007 ec135p2+     HU.26-18: Guardia Civil 09-312, test serial Albacete EC-036
    1031 ec135p2+     HU.26-19: Guardia Civil 09-313, test serial Albacete EC-031, Germany D+

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