MBB Bo105P PAH-1
germany Heeresflieger

German Army Aviation

Del'd: 212 - 1980 to 2016


Heeresflieger Bo105P PAH-1

Conversion of the civilian Bo 105 (first flight 16.Feb 1967,PAH-1 6.Sep 1977) Armed with 6 HOT-2 wire-guided anti-tank-Missiles. Since 1991 modernized version as PAH-1A1 in service.(digitized weapon system)
As of 2012, around 100 aircraft still in service and being replaced by Eurocopter Tiger.

As of 2015, 50 still in service converted to the utility role

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1981/    KHR36 Fritzlar
1980/16HFWS Celle-Wietzenbruch
1980/    KHR26 Roth
HFR16 Celle-Wietzenbruch
HFVS910 Bückeburg
HFVAS100 Celle-Wietzenbruch
HFUS1 Holzdorf

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