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  • Agusta AB205
    greece Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou

    Hellenic Army Aviation

    Del'd: 40 - 1974 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    4269 ab205a 1974     ES628: Hellenic Army d/d 05feb74; First greek AB205 left Malpensa, +
    4273 ab205a     ES629: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 05feb74; 06feb09 pictured at Stef+
    4311 ab205a     ES639: 2TEAS
    4312 ab205a     ES640: xfer air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4312: 358 MED. ex ES640
    4329 ab205a     ES641: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 11feb75; pictured circa 1975 with+
    4336 ab205a     ES642: 2TEAS
    4363 ab205a     ES643: Hellenic Army Aviation; pictured circa 1976 in original camm+
    4373 ab205a 1976     ES644: Hellenic Army d/d 17mar76 pictured with ES645 in original ca+
    Hellenic Air Force 4373: Hellenic Air Force; ex Army ES644; 358 MED
    4376 ab205a     ES645: pictured (pic1) in original cammo at former Volos / Nea Ioni+
    4385 ab205a     ES646: Hellenic Army d/d 18may76; pictured with 1TEAS date unknown +
    4391 ab205a     ES647: xfer air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4391: 358 MED. ex ES647
    4394 ab205a     ES648: Hellenic Army; 05may10 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara airbase+
    4395 ab205a     ES649: 1 TEAS
    4401 ab205a     ES650: 1 TEAS
    4402 ab205a     ES651: 1 TEAS
    4404 ab205a     ES652: 2TEAS
    4407 ab205a     ES653: 1 TEAS
    4438 ab205a     ES654: 31dec10 pictured with 2TEAS after 1 1/2 hour painting for th+
    4439 ab205a     ES655: greek army. w/o unk
    4440 ab205a     ES656: xfer air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4440: 358 MED. ex ES656. w/o 10may89
    4441 ab205a     ES657: Hellenic Army; pictured with 1TEAS date unknown still in ori+
    4442 ab205a     ES658: Hellenic Army Aviation; 28apr08 pictured with 2TEAS at Megar+
    4443 ab205a     ES659: 1 TEAS
    4444 ab205a     ES660: 2TEAS
    4445 ab205a     ES661: HAA; to air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4445: HAF; ex army ES661; 14sep08 pictured with 358MED at Tan+
    4446 ab205a     ES662: Hellenic Army; 29apr08 pictured with 2TEAS at Megara airbase+
    4447 ab205a     ES663: 1 TEAS
    4448 ab205a 1979     ES664: Hellenic Army; 1979/80 2TEAS pictured with original cammo o+
    4449 ab205a     ES665: Hellenic Army Aviation; 05feb09 with 1TEAS pictured at Stefa+
    4451 ab205a     ES667: w/o 09nov78. back to Agusta
    4452 ab205a     ES668: SAS
    4453 ab205a     ES669: xfer air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4453: 358 MED. ex ES669
    4454 ab205a     ES670: 2TEAS
    4455 ab205a     ES671: xfer air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4455: 358 MED. ex ES671
    4456 ab205a     ES672: 2TEAS
    4457 ab205a     ES673: 1 TEAS
    4458 ab205a     ES674: xfer air force
    Hellenic Air Force 4458: ex ES674. w/o 09oct95
    4459 ab205a     ES675: Hellenic Army Aviation; 05feb09 pictured with 1TEAS at Stefa+
    4460 ab205a 1979     ES676: Hellenic Army Aviation d/d 11jun79; Last AB205 delivered to +
    4450 ab205a     ES698: 2TEAS. ex ES666

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