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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0119E md500e1985     N5247S: DHS; Dec13 on sale
    - N2480: to N5247S
    0084E 1984     N6508U: DHS; Dec13 on sale
    - HI-444CA: Dominican Republic, to N6508U
    0145E md500e1985     N7166M: DHS; Dec13 on sale
    - N97BR: to N7166M

    Patriot Aviation Inc N522PA: Patriot Aviation from Mar14
    0527E md500e1996     N9140Y: CBP
    0529E md500e1996     N91620: CBP; Dec13 on sale
    - N91620: Robinson Air Crane Inc at Miami, FL Mar14-Mar16

    Frog Helicopter Inc at Alva, FL from Mar16
    0531E md500e1996     N9204U: DHS 1996-Feb14
    Brown Helicopter Inc N9204U: Brown Helicopter Mar14-Aug18; pictured at Ferguson Air+

    State of Florida N9204U: City of Jacksonville FL Mosquito Control from Aug18; +
    0532E md500e1996     N9204Y: DHS