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  • 2006 to present

    Japan Ground Self-Defense Force AH-64DJP Apache

    The Fuji-Boeing AH-64DJP Apache won the 2001 AH-X programme against the Mitsubishi-Bell AH-1Z Viper in order to replace the Fuji AH-1S Cobra

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    New M-TADS Sensors for Japan Apaches, 26-Apr-17 : Lockheed Martin will deliver 14 laser designation kits through 2020 to upgrade Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) AH-64DJP Apache’s M-TADS systems

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    JP001     74501: AH-64DJP Apache. BuNo 02-0001. ex N3216N
    JP002     74502: AH-64DJP Apache. BuNo 02-0002. ex N9883J
    JP003     74503: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP003, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74503, u+
    JP004     74504: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP004, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74504, u+
    JP005     74505: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP005, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74505, u+
    JP006     74506: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP006, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74506, u+
    JP007     74507: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP007, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74507, u+
    JP008     74508: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP008, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74508, u+
    JP009 2010     74509: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP009, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74509, u+
    JP010 2011     74510: Fuji AH-64DJP c/n JP010, ff?; del JGSDF as AH-64DJP 74510, u+
    JP011     74511: JGSDF IIIATH Mar14
    JP012     74512: JGSDF IIIATH Oct15
    JP013     74513: JGSDF IIIATH Dec16

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