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    turkey Kaan Air

    2014 to present

    Kaan Air AW119Ke Koala

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    AW119Ke for Electricity Aerial Monitoring in Turkey, 14-Jul-14 : AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that HeliStar SA of Turkey, owned by Kaan Air and Air Methods, will operate three AW119Ke single engine helicopters plus a same type back-up aircraft to perform electricity infrastructure aerial monitoring for Teias (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company).


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2014/    HeliStar SA

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    14707 2008     TC-HKE: Kaan Air from 2013
    AgustaWestland USA N162SH: AgustaWestland, PA

    Swiss Jet AG HB-ZUS: Air Engiadina Jul08-Jun13, op by Swissjet
    14732     TC-HKO: Kaan Air; power lines inspections
    AgustaWestland USA N111YS: AgustaWestland, PA

    Pegasus Aero Group EC-LBQ: Faasa Aviación, noted Nov13
    14735     TC-HKP: Kaan Air
    AgustaWestland USA N217SM: AgustaWestland, PA

    INAER EC-LBR: Junta de Extremadura, op by INAER, noted Mar10
    14736     TC-HKZ: Kaan Air, noted Jan15
    AgustaWestland USA N223SM: AgustaWestland, PA

    INAER EC-LGR: INAER; at Muchamiel

    INAER EC-MEM: INAER by Mar17, to be confirmed

    Pegasus Aero Group EC-MEM: Jul17 firefighter for INFOCA op by FAASA

    13sep17 as /C7 pictured at Cedefo de Colmenar, Malaga;+
    14748     TC-HKV: Kaan Air
    AgustaWestland USA N363SH: AgustaWestland, PA

    INAER EC-LGP: INAER; Consejeria de Justicia y Seguridad Ciudadana, Re+
    5 C/N.

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