MD Helicopters MD530F
kenya Kenya Air Force

2019 to present

Kenya Air Force MD530F

See also previous Hughes 500D and MD500E

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Kenya Received First Six MD530F, 18-Feb-20 : #MD530F The Kenya Defense Force (KFD) received the first 6 of 12 MD530F Cayuse Warrior combat helicopters. They are part of the 150 ordered by US Army under a 5-year $1.4B contract for allies and partner countries

Training for the Six Kenyan MD530F Cayuse Warrior, 17-Sep-19 : #CauseWarrior MD Helicopters awarded support and contractor training contract for the six MD530F Cayuse Warrior combat helicopters recently acquired by the Kenyan Air Force

Kenya Requests 12 MD530F, 02-May-17 : Kenya requesting 12 armed MD530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters in a $253M FMS deal reported the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

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0305FF     545: Army, test serial N60576
0306FF     546: Army, test serial N60664
0307FF     547: Army, test serial N6070K
0308FF     548: Army, test serial N6068L
0309FF     549: Army, test serial N6098H
0310FF     550: Army, test serial N6101U

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