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  • 1984 to 1989

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    47514 1984     VH-LAH: Lloyd Australia; to JA9960
    - N8153B: xfer US as N8153B, unk

    - JA9960: xfer japan as JA9960, unk

    - N40706: xfer US as N40706, unk

    xfer US as N40706, unk

    - C-GVIN: xfer Canada as C-GVIN, unk

    - N7XM: xfer US as N7XM, unk

    - N404EM: reg Air Methods Corp, Englewod, CO as N404EM, unk; rere+
    47515     VH-LAI: Lloyd Australia, to JA9959
    - JA9959: ex VH-LAI; to N911MK, N515MK

    CareFlite N911MK: xfer Careflite as N911MK, unk [to N515MK]

    CareFlite N515MK: ex JA9959, N911MK; w/o 02jun10 at Midlothian, Texas. 2 +
    47519 1984     VH-LAJ: Lloyd Australia; to JA9961
    - N8154Q: xfer US as N8154Q, unk [between VH-LAJ & JA9961]

    - JA9961: ex VH-LAJ; to OY-HIB

    - C-FVUZ: xfer Canada as C-FVUZ, unk

    - D-HCED: xfer Germany as D-HCED, unk

    Air Alpha Greenland OY-HIB: Air Alpha Greenland 1998-2006

    - OY-HIB: Air Alpha 2006-2009

    - N445QP: Preferred Airparts at Kidron, OH Jun11-Sep12; scr