AgustaWestland eh.101
italy Marina Militare Italiana

Italian Navy

Del'd: 22 - 2001 to present


  • Marina Militare Italiana eh.101
  • Marina Militare Italiana eh.101

Initial order for 20 EH101 took place in 1997.

First helicopter (MM81480) first flown October 4th 1999 with deliveries completed by 2006 :

10 Mk.110 anti-surface and anti-submarine (ASW)
4 Mk.112 HEW-784 radar in large underfuselage radome for air early warning (AEW)
4 Mk.410 transports
4 Mk.413 amphibious support helicopter (ASH)

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APROC 2017, 28-Jun-17 : Italian air force held the Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC), the main training event in Europe in combat search and rescue.

Italian Navy Takes Delivery Of Its 21st AW101 Helicopter, 04-Aug-09 : UK / Italy : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the Italian Navy has taken today delivery of its 21st AW101 three engine medium/heavy helicopter during an official ceremony held at Maristaeli Luni naval base in Italy. This Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)/Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) configured aircraft is the first unit of the last AW101 batch for the service which has committed to a total of 24 AW101s.

Harris to provide cockpit for italian EH.101, 29-Mar-01 : MELBOURNE, Florida, USA - Harris Corporation, a world leader in cockpit digital moving maps for military aircraft, announced today that it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by Agusta, Cascina Costa, Italy, to provide the Digital Map System (DMS) for the Italian Navy's fleet of EH-101 anti-submarine helicopters. The DMS provides the EH-101 with real-time, advanced terrain visualization data via cockpit displays, assisting the aircraft's flight crew with critical navigation and situational awareness capabilities specifically tailored for the helicopter's unique mission.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2008/    3 gruppo elicotteri Catania Fontanarossa
2001/    1 gruppo elicotteri Maristaeli Luni Sarzana

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50142 mk410     50142: 27mar18 at Venice for Joint Small Operation 2018
50010 mk110 1999     MM81480: Marina 2-01. 110001. ff 04oct99. press 06dec99
50016 mk110     MM81481: Marina 2-02. 110002
50020 mk110     MM81482: Marina 2-03. 110003
50024 mk110     MM81483: Marina 2-04. 110004
50028 mk110     MM81484: Marina 2-05. 110005
50032 mk110     MM81485: Marina 2-06. 110006
50036 mk110     MM81486: Marina 2-07. 110007
50039 mk110     MM81487: Marina 2-08. 110008
50044 mk112     MM81488: Marina 2-09. 112001, AEW type
50070 mk112     MM81489: Marina 2-10. 112002, AEW type
50084 mk112     MM81490: Marina 2-11. 112003, AEW type
50096 mk112     MM81491: Marina 2-12. 112004, AEW type
50108 mk410 2003     MM81492: Marina 2-13. 410001. ff sep03
50117 mk410     MM81493: Marina 2-14. 410002, c/n to be confirmed
50142 mk410     MM81494: Marina 2-15. 410003, c/n to be confirmed
50144 mk410     MM81495: Marina 2-16. 410004. 2005 in USA for VH-71 program
50146 mk413     MM81633: Marina 2-18, 410006/UTY
50150 mk413     MM81634: Marina 2-19, 410007/UTY, c/n to be confirmed; 12jan07 pictur+
50154 mk413     MM81635: Marina 2-20, 410008/UTY, c/n to be confirmed
50156 mk413 2009     MM81636: Marina 2-21 410009/UTY; 12jan07 pictured with 1 Gruppo Elico+
mk110     MM81719: Marina 2-22. 110009, UK G-17-021
50172 mk110     MM81726: Marina 2-23, UK G-17-022

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