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Marineflieger NH90 NFH

On March 2015 was announced an order for 18 NH90 NFH for the German Navy (Bundesmarine). Nicknamed Sea Lion, they will replace the aging fleet of Westland Sea King. Aircraft production began December 2015.
On June 15, 2019, the German Armed Forces Day, Wing 5 received the first training equipment.
On August 2019, it was announced the NH90 was also selected as the basis for the Sea Tiger to replace the Sea Lynx from 2025.
First Sea Lion helicopter to be delivered on October 2019.

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First Sea Lion Delivered to German Navy, 24-Oct-19 : #SeaLion Airbus delivered the first of 18 NH90 NFH Sea Lion to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). The Marineflieger will receive further two by end of this year and the last one in 2022

Germans NH90 Maintenance by Airbus and EFW, 29-Aug-19 : #NH90 Dresden-based Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) and Airbus Donauwörth awarded 10-year contract for maintenance of the 82 German Army’ NH90 TTH and 21 Navy’ NH90 Sea Lion helicopters.

German Sea Lion Radio Equipment, 12-Aug-19 : #SeaLion Rohde & Schwarz’ airborne radios selected to equip future German Navy Sea Lion helicopters. Eighteen NH90 will replace the Sea King Mk41 starting this year

German Navy Selects NH90 to Replace Sea Lynx, 31-Jul-19 : #NH90 The German Naval Aviation, Marineflieger, selected the NH90 NFH as the basis of the new “Multi-Role Frigate Helicopter” (MRFH) to be delivered from 2025. The NH90 in its “Sea Lion” variant is currently replacing the Navy’ Sea King. At least another 30 MRFH are expected to replace current Westland Sea Lynx Mk88A at the Naval Aviation Wing 5 in Nordholz

Sea Lion Completes Mission Demonstration, 19-Jul-19 : #SeaLion German Navy future helicopter, the NH90 Sea Lion, completed mission demonstrations for relevant roles, including SAR missions. First of 18 helicopters to be delivered by end of this year

NH90 Maintenance Training Rig to German Navy, 18-Jun-19 : #SeaLion Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH delivered a state-of-the-art training equipment for technicians with a functional cockpit of the NH90 “Seelöwe” (Sea Lion) during the German Armed Forces Day at Nordholz. First of 18 helicopters to be delivered in October

German Sea Lion Towards First Delivery, 22-Nov-18 : #SeaLion German Navy expecting to receive 18 NH90 NFH Sea Lion starting Q4 2019. First two aircraft undergoing tests and customization at Airbus Germany in Donauwörth.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2019/    MFG5 Nordholz

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2016     79+51: Marineflieger Sea Lion Mar18
Airbus Helicopters Germany 98+51: Marine NGEN01 f/f 08dec16 at Donauwörth; 2016 picture+
2017     79+52: Marineflieger Sea Lion
Airbus Helicopters Germany 98+56: Marine NGEN02 f/f 24nov17 at Donauwörth

10jul18 first flight in serial configuration at Donauwo+
2019     79+53: Marineflieger Sea Lion
Airbus Helicopters Germany 98+40: Marine NGEN03; 2019 pictured at Donauwörth Airbus Germ+
2019     79+54: Marineflieger Sea Lion
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