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  • 2010 to present


    Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil EC725 Caracal

    The Brazilian Navy ordered 16 EC725BR-B/M Super Cougar from the Helibras production line.
    - 8 UH-15 Pégasus (versão básica) : N-7101 to N-7108
    - 3 UH-15A ( versão CSAR ) : N-7201 to N-7203
    - 5 AH-15B ( antiship/asw equipment )

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    Second Helibras AH-15B to Brazilian Navy, 28-Jan-22 : #SuperCougar Helibras, part of Airbus Group, delivered to the Brazilian Navy the second (Airbus) H225M / (Helibras) EC725BR-M / (Marinha) AH-15B Super Cougar

    First Helibras AH-15B to Brazilian Navy, 24-Nov-21 : #H225M Helibras, part of Airbus Group, delivered to the Brazilian Navy the first (Airbus) H225M / (Helibras) EC725BR-M / (Marinha) AH-15B capable of firing the AM39 Exocet missile

    UNITAS LX in Rio de Janeiro, 02-Sep-19 : #UNITAS Naval Forces from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and the United States took part of atlantic phase of annual amphibious exercise UNITAS LX at Ilha da Marambia, Brazil

    Mission Planning Software for Caracal, 09-Apr-18 : The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) developed a mission planning software for the EC725BR / H225M Caracal to be used by the 3 armed forces

    Airbus HCare for Brazilian and Mexican H225M, 05-Apr-18 : FIDAE 2018 Airbus signs largest HCare Smart contracts in Latin America for 50 (30 delivered) Brazilian armed forces EC725BR and 11 Mexican air force EC725 valued 125 million euros

    Brazilian Navy Received First CSAR H225M, 22-Jun-17 : Helibras delivered the first of three H225M/EC725, named UH-15A Super Cougar, in Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) configuration to the HU-2 Squadron of the Brazilian Navy

    First Brazilian H225M in Naval Combat Version, 27-Oct-16 : Helibras unveil first Brazilian Navy H225M Caracal armed with 2 MDBA Exocet anti-ship missiles. Five to be delivered between 2018 and 2022

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2019/    HU-41 Belem / Val de Caes
    2010/    HU-2 BA Sao Pedro da Aldeia


    LH Ocean class
    L Foudre class

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