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Med-Trans in Bell 407 Medical Training in China, 26-May-19 : Shaanxi Helicopter Co (SHC) Bell 407GXP and Med-Trans Corp training for the air medical rescue program launched earlier this year by the National Health Commission and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)

Med-Trans Opens New AeroCare Base in Texas, 21-May-18 : Med Trans opened a new AeroCare base at Hale County Airport in Plainview, Texas with medically-equipped Bell 407

Med-Trans Bell 407 in McAlester, Oklahoma, 02-Sep-15 : Med-Trans Corp launched McAlester Regional Air Care, a critical care air medical Bell 407 helicopter to serve McAlester Regional Health Center. Replaces service previously provided by EagleMed LLC

New Bell 407GX Lands at Regional West Nebraska, 01-Dec-14 : Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Services Nebraska, has a brand new Bell 407GX operated by Med-Trans Corp

Med-Trans takes delivery of Bell 407GX from Wysong, 19-Sep-14 : Wysong Enterprises, Inc. has delivered a Bell Helicopter 407GX to Med-Trans Corp. prior to the Air Medical Transport Conference.

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53036 1996     N407UT: Med Trans Corp at Tucson, AZ from May07
State of Tennessee N407UT: University of Tennessee UT LifeStar

Aug14 as /LifeStar IV pictured (pic1) with Campbell Cou+

Jun18 pictured (pic2) providing event medicine coverag+
53143 1997     N407LG: Med Trans Corp Sep13-Jan19
State of Iowa N407LG: St Lukes Hospital at Cedar Rapids, IA from Apr97, test +

Air Evac Lifeteam N407LG: Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, MO from Jan19
53222 1997     N407WA: Med Trans Corp from Dec05
53226 1997     N513MT: Med Trans from Dec03
Air Evac Lifeteam N342AE: Air Evac EMS from Sep15

Nov16 based out of Del Rio, TX
53254 1998     N407CR: Med Trans Corp from Jul07
State of South Carolina N407CR: Greenville Health, GHS Med-Trans; pictured
53259 1998     N911WA: Med Trans Corp from May07
53272 1998     N827DS: Med -Trans Jul08-Jul09
    N409UT: Med Trans Jul/Sep 2009
    N522MT: Med Trans Corp from Sep09
- XB-MTT: Mexico, test serial N44501

State of Texas N522MT: AeroCare, op by MedTrans; Nov16 pictured at AeroCare 2
53281 1998     N509MT: Med-trans Corp from Jan03, ex N2022Y
- N147CF: to N2022Y

State of South Dakota N509MT: St. Luke's Avera Careflight ambulance, op by Med Trans+

Was the replacement for N400SL that also crashed in Sep+
53289 1998     N407SM: Med Trans Corp
Bell Helicopter N8153H: Bell

State of Arizona N407SM: Arizona LifeLine, noted 2004, op by Med Trans

State of South Carolina N407SM: AnMed LifeFlight at Anderson,SC by 2018. Op by Med Tran+
53307 1998     N505MT: Med Trans Corp from Apr04
53326 1998     N508MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan03
53428 2000     N601MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan07
Air Evac Lifeteam N488AE: Air Evac EMS from Mar13
53511 2001     N506MT: Med Trans from Mar02, test serial C-GJSD
State of South Carolina N506MT: Regional One Air Medical at Spartanburg, op by Med Tran+
53512 2001     N507MT: Med Trans Corp Apr07-Apr17
- N507MT: Midwest Leasing Inc at Bismarck, ND

State of California N507MT: Reach Air Medical Services Llc at Santa Rosa, CA Apr17-+

Air Evac Lifeteam N507MT: Air Evac EMS Inc at O'Fallon, MO from Jun19
53549 2003     N502MT: Med Trans Corp from Jul03; CareStar ambulance, Odessa, Texas+
53563 2003     N511MT: Med Trans Corp from Sep03
State of Arizona N511MT: Arizona LifeLine; Apr17 pictured
53571 2003     N512MT: Med Trans from Nov09
53578 2003     N514MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan04
53604 2004     N515MT: Med Trans Corp; Jul10-Nov14 Colorado Springs, CO; 2014- Lew+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FBKC: Bell Canada, test serial C-FOEP

AVN Air LLC N515MT: AVN Air Llc at Hunt Valley, MD

State of Colorado N515MT: Memorial Star Transport Colorado
53762 2007     N516MT: Med Trans Corp from Jun07,test serial C-FNGE
State of South Carolina N516MT: SC Air Care, op by Med Trans; pictured
53784 2007     N911GX: Med Trans Corp
Bell Helicopter N518MT: Bell Helicopters Sep07, test serial C-FOQM

State of Colorado N911GX: Cessna Finance Corp from Oct07; North Colorado Med Evac+
53785 2007     N912GX: Med Trans Corp
Bell Helicopter N517MT: Bell Helicopters, to N912GX

State of Colorado N912GX: Cessna Finance Corp from Oct07; North Colorado Med Evac+
53792 2007     N911LL: Cessna Finance Corp from Nov07
Bell Helicopter N519MT: Bell Helicopter Oct07, test serial C-FPTR

State of Nebraska N911LL: Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Service+
53805 2007     N520MT: Cessna Finance Corp from Mar08; Med Trans Corp
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FRGX: Bell Canada Nov/Dec 2007, test serial C-GBUH

Bell Helicopter N520MT: Bell Dec07-Feb08

State of Texas N520MT: NWTX Lifestar from 2008, op by Med Trans; pictured
53915 2009     N518MT: Suntrust Equipment Finance & Leasing at Lewisville, TX Apr09+
State of Texas N518MT: Shannon AirMed 1, op by Med Trans
53956 2009     N519MT: Cessna Finance Corp from Sep09, test serial C-FEXW
State of Arizona N519MT: Arizona LifeLine, op by Med Trans; Aug18 pictured
53974 2009     N457MT: Med Trans Corp Oct10-Aug17
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GCUX: Bell Canada, test serial C-GBUP

Bell Helicopter N974RL: Bell Mar10

TVPX N457MT: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
54056 2011     N241MT: Vesey Air at Danbury, CT May11-Sep13, test serial C-FEXW
TVPX N241MT: TVPX ARS Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT from Apr16

State of Texas N241MT: AeroCare by 2018, op by Med-Trans
54067 2011     N242MT: Pacific Western Bank at Chicago, IL from Jun14
Bell Helicopter N436FA: Bell May11, test serial C-GADH

State of North Dakota N242MT: Capital Source Bank at Chevy Chase, MD Sep11-Jun14

Spirit Lifeline, St. Joseph Hospital and Health Center,+
54092 2012     N462SB: Air Reach, McLeod Health op by Med-Trans; Critical Care Tra+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GOLQ: Bell Canada Feb12, test serial C-GFNL

Bell Helicopter N462SB: Bell from Mar12, N482AE ntu

State of South Carolina N407AR: Textron Aviation Finance at Wichita, KS from Dec12; Air+
54099 2012     N509MT: Med-Trans from Jun18
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GPLI: Bell Canada Mar/Apr 2012, test serial C-FOEP

Bell Helicopter N492MT: Bell Apr12

- N509MT: Regions Equipment Finance at Birmingham, AL Jun12-Jun18
54108 2012     N108MT: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from May13; Me+
Bell Helicopter N30BH: Bell Jun12, test serial C-GLZE

State of Louisiana N108MT: Life Air Rescue, op by Metro Aviation; ~2014 pictured (+

State of Oregon N108MT: AirLink CCT op by Med Trans and REACH titles; Mar17 pi+
54116 2012     N655RA: Wells Fargo Bank Oct15; Med Trans
Bell Helicopter N481AE: Bell Jul12, test serial C-GAED; N481MT ntu

- N481AE: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Sep12

State of Florida N655RA: UF Health Jacksonville; TraumaOne Air Ambulance South b+
54129 2013     N429MT: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE Apr13-Aug19; M+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GUVO: Bell Canada, test serial C-GADH

Bell Helicopter N4870B: Bell
54131 2013     N910GX: Med Trans Corp
- N702MT: Regions Equiment Finance Corp at Birmingham, AL from Ju+

State of Colorado N910GX: North Colorado Med Evac op by Med-Trans Corp, Aug13

13oct16 at Centennial Airport, Denver, CO
54141 2013     N705MT: Capital One Equipment Finance Corp at Towson, MD Nov13-Sep1+
Bell Helicopter N705MT: Bell Aug13, test serial C-GFNY

State of Iowa N705MT: Mercy Air Care (MAC) , op by Med Trans; Mercy Medical C+

State of Utah N705MT: Bank Of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Dec16
54465 407gx 2013     N706MT: Capital One Equip Corp from Mar14; Med-Trans; Sep14 delive+
54486 407gx 2014     N911NE: Med-Trans Corp for Regional West Health Services, Nebraska
Bell Helicopter N809MT: Bell Helicopter Apr14, test serial C-GZPU

State of Utah N911NE: Bank of Utah trustee from Sep14

State of Nebraska N911NE: Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Service+

TVPX N911NE: Tvpx Ars Inc Trustee at Concord, MA from Sep18
54496 407gx 2014     N730MT: JP Morgan Chase Bank Oct14; Med Trans Corp
Bell Helicopter N512XB: Bell Jun14, test serial C-FBEG

State of South Carolina N521RC: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee from Oct15; Colle+
54539 407gx 2014     N765MT: Helifleet 2015 Llc at Norwalk, CT from Dec15; Med-Trans
Bell Helicopter N523YB: Bell, test serial C-FFOZ

GC Air Llc N765MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

State of Tennessee N765MT: Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
54540 407gx 2014     N766MT: Helifleet 2015 Llc at Norwalk, CT from Dec15; Med-Trans
    N911LS: Med Trans from Mar19
Bell Helicopter N522UC: Bell, test serial C-GADH

GC Air Llc N766MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

State of Tennessee N766MT: Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
54559 407gx 2014     N808MT: Med-Trans Sep15
Bell Helicopter N808MT: Bell Oct/Nov 2014, test serial C-FHHP

GC Air Llc N808MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

State of Oklahoma N808MT: McAlester AirCare Sep15, op by Med-Trans; Nov16 approv+
54585 407gxp 2015     N709MT: MB Equipment Finance at Towson, MD from Jul15; Med Trans Cor+
State of Oklahoma N709MT: First Flight from Mar17, op by Med Trans
54612 407gxp 2015     N762MT: Med-Trans Sep/Dec 2015; Wells Fargo Bank Trustee from Dec15
Bell Helicopter N762MT: Bell May/Sep 2015

State of Florida N762MT: UF Health Shands Hospital, ShandsCair Flight Program, o+

Sep18 custom engine stand by SAFE Structures Design
54630 407gxp 2015     N889MT: Med Trans Dec15-Mar16
Bell Helicopter N889MT: Bell Sep15

TVPX N889MT: TVPX ARS Inc Trustee at Concord, MA from Mar16

EagleMed N889MT: May18 as EagleMed /9 pictured at Sim Lab Training in H+
54631 407gxp 2015     N631MT: Med Trans from Dec15
Bell Helicopter N585UH: Bell Aug15

State of Tennessee N631MT: Wings Air Rescue /Wings2 based in Greeneville, TN by O+
54632 407gxp 2015     N732MT: Med Trans Corp Jan/Apr 2016
Bell Helicopter N585VB: Bell

TVPX N732MT: Tvpx Ars Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT Nov16

State of Tennessee N732MT: Wings Air Rescue by Oct16, op by Med-Trans; Dec18 pictu+

08may19 at Lewis Gale Medical Center, Salem, VA
54685 407gxp 2016     N685MT: Med-Trans Aug16
Bell Helicopter N653PB: Bell Mar16

State of Alabama N914UF: Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct16; Medstar Air Care 1, Ba+
54686 407gxp 2016     N686MT: Med Trans
Bell Helicopter N662YB: Bell Dec16

State of Florida N915UF: UF Health ShandsCair Flight Program
54687 407gxp 2016     N687MT: Wells Fargo Bank Northweast NA trustee from May17; Med Trans
Bell Helicopter N662XB: Bell Mar16

State of Louisiana N687MT: Life Air Rescue, op by Med Trans; Mar18 pictured
54719 407gxp 2016     N365MT: Med Trans for C.A.R.E. Flight by Dec18
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FULJ: Bell Canada Dec16-Mar17

Bell Helicopter N365MT: Bell Mar17

TVPX N365MT: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

State of South Carolina N365MT: Colleton County C.A.R.E. Flight at Walterboro, SC, op b+
54828 407gxi 2018     N527MT: Med-Trans by Jul19
- C-GAEP: Bell Canada

Bell Helicopter N527MT: Bell from 19dec18

State of Alabama N527MT: Medstar Air Care 2 in Atmore, AL op by Med-Trans, pictu+
52 C/N.