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US Navy CMV-22B Osprey

The US Navy will use the tilt-rotor Osprey to replace the Grumman C-2A Greyhound in the carrier on board delivery (COD) missions. Configuration will be virtually the same as the Marine Corps MV-22B but with an extended-range fuel system, a high-frequency radio and a public address system.
First trials conducted with a Marine MV-22B in 2012 by VMX-22 evaluation squadron. First 12 aircraft could be obtain from the Marine Corps order for Fiscal Years 2018-2020. The Navy plans to get its own fleet of 44 Ospreys taking possession of eight a year starting in 2020.
Originally promoted as the HV-22 received official designation of CMV-22B on February 2016.

On June 2018, Bell/Boeing awarded contract for production of 39 CMV-22B through 2025
On July 16, 2018 for the first time an all US Navy crew completed flight on a Marine MV-22B between Norfolk and MCAS Cherry Point.
In August 2018, trials aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) successfully demonstrated rolling landing and takeoffs in excess of 57000 pounds (25800 kg), some 8000 pounds (3600 kg) more weight than the C-2A.

On December 2018 was established the first squadron VMR-30 in California, and the east coast based VMR-40 planned.
On December 2019, the first CMV-22B was rolled out at Bell plant in Amarillo, TX.
On February 2020, first CMV-22B delivered to NAS Pax River.

Initial operational capability (IOC) scheduled for 2021.
The Navy also plans to stand up a training squadron, Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron VRM-50 in California adjacent to VRM-30.
Full transition from C-2A expected for 2028

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2020/    VRM-30 NAS North Island
2020/    HX-21 NAS Patuxent River

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    169435: First CMV-22B COD; Dec19 at Bell, Amarillo, TX
    169436: USN May20
    169437: First fleet COD Osprey

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