Del'd: 17 - 1966 to 1998

Flown by RNZN pilots since Dec 1966 but operated and maintained within the RNZAF through 3 Squadron. RNZN was one of the last Wasp operators before they were formally retired in Apr 1998 and replaced as an interim measure by the SH-2F Seasprite.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1966/98Royal New Zealand Air Force
3 Squadron
Hobsonville Airbase


FF Leander class
AO Monowai class

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    f.9544 1963     XS528: To RNZN 1985 for spares.
Royal Navy XS528: Built Hayes by Jan 1963, d/d 1963 to RN. At Hayes by Se+

1978 HMS Achilles Gibraltar; 1979 Australia, New Zeala+
    f.9559 1963     XS532: To RNZN 1985 for spares at Silverdale, New Zealand. Noted in+
Royal Navy XS532: d/d Jul 1963 to RN; 700W Sq/994-CU by Aug 1963; 829 Sq +

22jul79 noted at Portland with 829Sqn coded 457 assigne+
    f.9563 1963     XS536: To RNZN 28 Sep 1983 for spares.
Royal Navy XS536: d/d 1963 to RN.

21oct78 noted in store RNAY Wroughton coded 635
    f.9570 1964     NZ3906: Stored in No 3 hangar at Wigram (wsw of Christchurch), when +
Royal Navy XS543: d/d 3 Apr 1964 to RN, Fleetlands Apr 1964 to Sembawang +
    f.9577 1964     XS566: To RNZN 20 Oct 1989 for spares to support RNZN Wasp fleet. P+
Royal Navy XS566: d/d 4 Jun 1964 to RN; 700W Sq Nubian Flt/187-NU by Nov +
    f.9585 1964     XT415: To RNZN for spares.
Royal Navy XT415: RN d/d 23 Oct 1965; 700W Sq Aurora Flt/185, 829 Sq /455+

21oct78 noted in store RNAY Wroughton coded 452 ex 829N+

Aug79 pictured as /BR-452 829 Sq, 034 Flight on HMS Bri+

829 Sq Brighton Flt/461-BR by 1980; 829 Sq Leander Flt/+

13Sep85 noted RNAS Portland coded FIR3 with 829 Squadro+
    f.9587 1964     NZ3904: ex UK XT417. On loan to RNZN May 1974 to Aug 1975 as replace+
Royal Navy XT417: dd 3 Dec 1964; 829 Sq Naiad Flt/470-NA Feb 1965 until S+
    f.9598 1965     XT428: To RNZN for spare parts to support remainder of Wasp fleet 1+
Royal Navy XT428: d/d 13 May 1965 to RN to storage; 829 Sq Hermione Flt/4+

22jul79 noted Portland 829Sqn coded 475
    f.9602 1965     XT432: To RNZN for spares 20 Oct 1989.
Royal Navy XT432: ff Jun 1965, dd 22 Jun 1965 to Fleetlands. 829 Sq Hecat+

22jul79 noted at Portland 829Sqn coded 416 Hecla Flt

May84 noted as 829 Sqdn/415 Hydra Flight. HMS Hydra (A+

04aug87 pictured as 829 Sqd /609 at RNAS Portland. XT78+

From ex CPOAEA W.L.Dixon: I know every nut and bolt o+
    f.9605 1965     NZ3907: Delivered to RN as XT435 Oct 1965. To RNZN 1983. Crashed aft+
Royal Navy XT435: Royal Navy HAS1 type; to New Zealand

21oct78 noted in store RNAY Wroughton

- G-RIMM: from Mar99
    f.9663 1966     NZ3908: Royal New Zealand Navy 1983, ex XT781 from Royal Navy; Ret+
Royal Navy XT781: ex G-17-6. dd Royal Navy Aug 1966; 845Sq/O-B by Aug 19+

- G-KAWW: 2002; ex XT781,NZ3908; 2005 to South Africa

- ZU-HAS: Feb.2012 being hangared in Richmond Natal,S.A. until th+
    f.9664 1966     NZ3909: Delivered to RN as XT782 in 1966. To RNZN Oct 1989 as spares+
Royal Navy XT782: d/d 4 Oct 1966; 829 NAS Euryalus Flt/433 by May 1976, u+

829Sq Naiad Flt/324, noted at Coypool 28 Jun 1979

22jul79 noted at Portland 829Sqn coded 324 Naiad Flt

T J Manna G-KANZ: To Cranfield (UK) 1998, then to North Weald (EGSX) Nov +
    f.9669 1966     NZ3905: To RNZN Sep 1982 as airfreight. Retired 1997, sold to Westla+
Royal Navy XT787: Royal Navy HAS1 type d/d 1967; 1982 to New Zealand Nayy+

delivered to RNAY Fleetlands straight into storage Feb +

22jul79 noted at Portland 829Sqn coded 446 Rhyl Flt

T E Martin G-KAXT: to Westland WSM Oct 1999 to at least Apr 2000; became G+

24sep11 video at Shuttleworth, UK. Thanks Raul Hrubisk+

2015 Flying from Middle Wallop, occasionally with Scout+

- XT787: 08jul17 in 829 NAS Endurance Flt scheme, pictured at RN+
    f.9678 1966     NZ3901: Delivered to Whenuapai Oct 1966. Undercarriage damaged in he+
- NZ3901: Subritzky Aircraft Collection at Dairy Flat Mainly Comp+
    f.9679 1966     NZ3902: Delivered to HMNZS Waikato at Portland in Dec 1966 and opera+
    f.9729 1968     XV634: d/d 1989 to RNZN for spares.
Royal Navy XV634: d/d 4 Feb 1969 to RN. 829 Sq Diomede Flt/423 by May 197+
    f.9757 1971     NZ3903: Delivered Nov 1971. Arrived on HMNZS Canterbury Jun 1972 as +
17 C/N.

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