Eurocopter EC135
brazil Omni Taxi Aereo

Omni Taxi Aereo EC135

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0369 ec135p2 2004     PP-MEB: Omni, test serial D-HDRD
- : Nov17-Sep18, sold Eurocopter EC-135P-2 2004 ; TT 6,453+
0373 ec135p2 2005
    PP-MEE: Omni Taxi Aereo from Jul11
Eurocopter Germany D-HDRE: Eurocopter Germany, to PP-MEE

- : Aug14-Jan18, sold Eurocopter EC-135-P2i 2005; JAR-OPS,+
0530 ec135p2+ 2006
    PR-MEO: Omni, test serial D-HDRN
0531 ec135p2+ 2006     PR-MEP: Omni from May07; offshore
German air rescue D-HDRO: DRF Dec06-May07

- : Aug/Nov 2018, sold Eurocopter EC-135-P2+ 2006; EMS, off+
0572 ec135p2+ 2007     PR-MEU: Omni Taxi Aereo Mar08-2016
German air rescue D-HDRS: DRF Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht Jun/Nov 2007, test seria+

- : Aug15-Feb16, sold Eurocopter EC-135-P2+. Well maintaine+

Hélicocéan F-OFGM: Helicocean from Apr16
0615 ec135p2+ 2007     PR-MEV: 05feb13 pictured (pic1) at Aeroporto Internacional de Salvad+
Hélicocéan F-OJAM: Helicocean from Apr16; pictured (pic2)

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