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2005 to present


PHI Inc EC135

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2005/    PHI Air Medical Oak Bend Medical Center Heliport
Medical Center of Plano Heliport
Queen Anne ER Heliport
PHI Offshore Phi Harahan Heliport
Amelia Heliport
Phi Fourchon Base Heliport
Sabine Pass PHi
Port OConnor PHI Heliport
Theodore PHI Heliport
PHI Intracoastal City Heliport

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0355 ec135p2 2004     N301PH: PHI Inc air medical
State of Iowa N301PH: Apr14 MedForce Iowa, op by PHI Air Medical
    0364 ec135p2 2004     N302PH: Key Equipment Finance at Lafayette, LA from Apr05; PHI Inc a+
    0372 ec135p2 2004     N303PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0386 ec135p2 2005     N304PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0395 ec135p2 2005     N305PH: PHI Inc air medical
State of Iowa N305PH: MedForce Iowa, op by PHI Air Medical
    0398 ec135p2 2005     N307PH: PHI Inc air medical
State of Kentucky N307PH: Aug11 pictured (pic1) at University of Kentucky UK Hea+
    0401 ec135p2 2005     N308PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0403 ec135p2 2005     N309PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0413 ec135p2 2005     N311PH: PHI Inc air medical from Feb06
State of New Jersey N311PH: Cooper Air Med /Air2 at Camden, NJ op by PHI
    0404 ec135p2 2005     N312PH: PHi from Dec05, /AirCare5; 31dec10 midair collision with Ce+
State of Michigan N312PH: Aug12 PHI Air Medical Group for Beaumont One HEMS; Life+
    0409 ec135p2 2005     N314PH: PHI Air Medical from Jan06; Morristown Memorial Hospital, Ne+
    0423 ec135p2 2005     N317PH: PHi from Mar06
State of Mississippi N317PH: UMMC AirCare op by PHi Air Medical
    0430 ec135p2 2005     N320PH: Phi Inc from May06, conv to P2+; offshore
    0434 ec135p2 2005     N323PH: Phi Inc from Jun06, conv to P2+; offshore
    0571 ec135p2+ 2007     N324PH: PHI Air Medical from Aug07, test serial D-HECB
    0576 ec135p2+ 2007     N325PH: PHi Air Medical from Sep07
State of Mississippi N325PH: UMMC AirCare /3 op by PHi Air Medical
    0435 ec135p2     N326PH: Phi Inc from Jul06, conv to P2+; offshore
    0445 ec135p2 2006     N327PH: PHI from Sep06, test serial D-HECB, conv to P2+; offshore
    0450 ec135p2 2006     N328PH: PHI from Oct06, test serial D-HECG, conv to P2+
    0489 ec135p2 2006     N329PH: PHi from Sep06, test serial D-HECN
    0514 ec135p2+ 2006     N330PH: Phi Air Medical from Jan07
    0519 ec135p2+ 2006     N332PH: PHi from Mar07, test serial D-HECM
State of Mississippi N332PH: UMMC AirCare op by PHi Air Medical

State of Texas N332PH: Citizens Medical Center, op by PHI; Oct14 pictured (pic+

Aug15 pictured (pic3) as /Med3 at MD Anderson Cancer Ce+
    0456 ec135p2 2006     N343PH: PHI from Jan07, conv to P2+; N343RH ntu; offshore
    0459 ec135p2 2006     N344PH: PHI from Jan07, conv to P2+; offshore Gulf of Mexico
    0464 ec135p2 2006     N370PH: PHI from Mar07, conv to P2+
    0523 ec135p2+ 2006     N376PH: PHI Air Medical from Jan07 /Med 4-3
    0593 ec135p2+ 2007     N380PH: PHI air medical from Oct07; Seton Medical Center Hays, Kyle,+
    0611 ec135p2+ 2007     N381PH: PHI air medical from Dec07
    0618 ec135p2+ 2007     N382PH: PHi Air Medical from Jan08; 2012 PHI 5 Owenton KY; 2014 PHI +
    0622 ec135p2+ 2007     N383PH: PHI air medical from Jan08
    0653 ec135p2+ 2008     N384PH: PHI air medical from May08; PHI Med 4-1
    0670 ec135p2+ 2008     N385PH: PHI air medical from Jul08; 2011 Harvey, Virginia
State of Virginia N385PH: Aug16 /AirCare5 for Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, +
    0701 ec135p2+ 2008     N388PH: Apr17 as Uvalde Medair-1, Texas
    0710 ec135p2+ 2008     N389PH: PHi from Oct08, test serial D-HECA
State of Mississippi N389PH: UMMC AirCare /2 op by PHi Air Medical; pictured
    0733 ec135p2+ 2008     N390PH: PHI Inc Jan09-Sep16; PHI Air Medical from Sep16
    0748 ec135p2+ 2008     N391PH: PHI from Jan09
State of Wisconsin N391PH: ThedaCare from 2009, op by PHI; ThedaStar

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