1985 to present

Pawan Hans Ltd SA365N Dauphin 2

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India’ Pawan Hans Signed MoU for H145/H225 and AS365, 19-Jun-19 : Paris Air Show 2019 Pawan Hans Limited (PHL) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Airbus for new H145 and H225 helicopters and maintenance support of the existing AS365N Dauphin fleet

Pawan Hans 450,000 Flight Hours With Dauphin, 19-Feb-15 : Aero India 2015 Pawan Hans from India Dauphin fleet consisting of 18 SA365N versions, and 17 in the AS365N3 configuration have accumulated 450,000 airborne hours


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1985/    Pawan Hans Juhu

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

6094 1987     VT-ENW: Pawan Hans from May98
6126 1987     VT-ENX: Pawan Hans from Mar08
6163 1987     VT-ENZ: Pawan Hans from May95
6209     VT-EKZ: Pawan Hans (PHE), test serial F-WYMW; cancelled
6210     VT-ELA: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 08may01 collided with a hill at Sessa,+
6211 1986     VT-ELB: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Nov86
6212     VT-ELC: Pawan Hans (PHE), test serial F-WYMJ; w/o 25may97 ditched in+
6213 1986     VT-ELD: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Dec86
6214 1986     VT-ELE: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Dec86
6215     VT-ELF: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 30oct03 ditched into sea near Agatti I+
6217 1986     VT-ELG: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Dec86
6233     VT-ELH: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 26aug88 Bay of Bengal
6236 1986     VT-ELI: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Feb87
6239 1987     VT-ELJ: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Feb87
6245 1986     VT-ELK: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Feb87
6246 1987     VT-ELL: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Mar87
6248 1987     VT-ELM: Pawan Hans (PHL) from Mar87, pictured
6254 1987     VT-ELN: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Jul87
6255     VT-ELO: Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 15dec89 crashed into river Ganges. 7 f+
6260 1987     VT-ELP: Pawan Hans (PHE) from May87
6261 1987     VT-ELQ: Pawan Hans (PHE) from May87
6268 1987     VT-ELR: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Aug87
6273 1987     VT-ELS: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Sep87
6278 1987     VT-ELT: Pawan Hans (PHE) from Aug87
24 C/N.

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