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  • Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)
    peru Fuerza Aerea del Peru

    Peruvian Air Force

    Fuerza Aerea del Peru Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)

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    Russia Overhauled Peruvian Air Force Mi-17-1V, 29-Oct-21 : #Mi17 Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant (NARP), part of Russian Helicopters, overhauled 6 Mi-17-1V of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) at the SEMAN repair centre in Lima, Peru

    New Maintenance Center Helicentro Peru for Mi Helicopters, 11-Dec-18 : #Helicentro Russian Helicopters in partnership with the Peruvian Air Force opened Helicentro Peru in Lima to provide maintenance for Mi-type aircraft. It already has orders for 40 Mi-17 through 2023

    Russian Spare Parts for Peruvian Mi-8/17s, 08-Sep-16 : Russian Helicopters won tender to supply aviation inventory for the Air Force of Peru (FAP) Mi-8/17 helicopters. Deliveries will take place early 2017

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    226M53 mi-17-1v     FAP-603: FAP OB-1675 1993
    226M61 mi-17-1v     FAP-611: FAP OB-1682 1993; w/o 16mar05
    mi-17-1v     FAP-612: FAP
    419M06 mi-17-1v     FAP-613: FAP OB-1676
    419M24 mi-17-1v     FAP-614: FAP OB-1677, ex Nicaragua 310
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN310: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M26 mi-17-1v     FAP-616: FAP OB-1683
    419M27 mi-17-1v     FAP-618: FAP, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN313: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M34 mi-17-1v     FAP-620: FAP OB-1529, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN320: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M37 mi-17-1v     FAP-626: FAP, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN323: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M40 mi-17-1v     FAP-628: FAP OB-1530, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN326: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M41 mi-17-1v     FAP-636: FAP OB-1526, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN327: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M43 mi-17-1v     FAP-640: FAP OB-1531, ex Nicaragua; w/o 02sep09
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN329: Nicaragua, to Peru
    419M47 mi-17-1v     FAP-641: FAP OB-1532, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN333: Nicaragua, to Peru
    226M51 mi-17-1v     FAP-662: FAP OB-1575; w/o 21aug09
    419M29 mi-17-1v     FAP-664: FAP OB-1576, ex Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Air Force FAN315: Nicaragua, to Peru

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