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    colombia Policia Nacional de Colombia

    Colombian National Police

    1999 to present

    • Policia Nacional de Colombia S-70 H-60
    • Policia Nacional de Colombia S-70 H-60

    First 5 of a new batch of 10 arrived in May 2017

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    Colombia to Support Black Hawk in Latin America, 04-Aug-16 : Formed in 2012, Sikorsky Colombia operates a Black Hawk depot repair facility fully tooled and equipped to provide complete airframe structural repairs and is now offering its services to Mexico

    Plan Colombia: 30 More Black Hawks, 18-Dec-00 : Two contracts worth more than $221M to Sikorsky to provide a total of 30 Black HAWK helicopters to Colombia by the end of 2001

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    70-2506 uh-60l     PNC-0600: PNC d/d 1999 as PNC-600
    70-2507 uh-60l     PNC-0601: PNC d/d 1999 as PNC-601
    70-2508 uh-60l     PNC-0602: PNC d/d 1999 as PNC-602
    70-2512 uh-60l     PNC-0603: PNC d/d 2000 as PNC-603, FMS 01-26897
    70-2513 uh-60l     PNC-0604: PNC d/d 2000 as PNC-604, FMS 01-26898
    uh-60l     PNC-0605: PNC d/d 2000 as PNC-605, FMS 01-26899 (?); w/o 23may03 near +
    70-2629 uh-60l     PNC-0606: PNC d/d 2001 as PNC-606, FMS 01-26900
    70-2631 uh-60l     PNC-0607: PNC d/d 2001 as PNC-607, FMS 01-26901
    70-3887 uh-60l     PNC-0608: PNC d/d 2013, FMS 11-27242; w/o 04aug15 near Carepa, Antioqu+
    70-3902 uh-60l     PNC-0609: PNC d/d 2013, FMS 11-27243
    70-3909 uh-60l     PNC-0610: PNC d/d 2013, FMS 11-27244
    uh-60a     PNC-0611: PNC Jun17
    uh-60a     PNC-0612: PNC Jun17
    70-324 uh-60a     PNC-0613: PNC Jun17
    US Army Aviation 81-23602: US Army
    70-308 uh-60a     PNC-0614: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 81-23587: US Army
    70-190 uh-60a     PNC-0615: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 80-23432: US Army
    70-285 uh-60a     PNC-0616: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 81-23564: US Army; 1995 MTPC Cairns
    70-303 uh-60a     PNC-0617: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 81-23582: US Army
    70-226 uh-60a     PNC-0618: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 80-23468: US Army
    70-108 uh-60a     PNC-0619: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 79-23291: US Army
    70-120 uh-60a     PNC-0620: PNC Jul17
    US Army Aviation 79-2330: US Army

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